Metso Full portfolio Battery black mass recycling process
As a frontrunner in circular economy, Metso utilizes proprietary hydrometallurgical technology to recover high-value battery raw materials through advanced battery black mass recycling process.

Advanced technologies to convert the raw materials into Battery grade chemicals


Capability to support sustainable recycling and recovery of raw materials back to front-end of the battery value chain


The flowsheet can be tailored according to the feed materials and desired end products


>60% reduction in embedded carbon


Key drivers for battery recycling industry

Battery black mass recycling is becoming increasingly important as a supplement to virgin material supply, as well as a way to reduce the carbon footprint of the battery supply chain.

With the increasing demand for zero emission vehicles and the need to create a circular economy, the battery recycling industry is inevitably set to see new and prosperous growth opportunities.

Introducing Battery Black Mass Recycling Process

The Battery Black Mass Recycling Process treats batteries after mechanical separation and optional thermal treatment for the recovery of nickel, cobalt and lithium, as well as optionally manganese and copper.

The overall objective is to close the loop on battery raw materials through hydrometallurgical processing. Our decades of process know-how and equipment design enable us to create efficient and responsible methods for recycling and reusing minerals from decommissioned batteries.

battery recycling
3D rendering of Battery Black Mass Recycling Process

Industry’s most comprehensive scope of supply

We have the robust proprietary technology, knowhow and insight needed to help improve the efficiency and sustainability of the entire value chain. Our comprehensive testing and research capabilities help to design the process from the very early stage.

The process flowsheet can also be tailored according to the feed materials and desired end products with possible phased approach, starting with recovering the most valuable metals.

Check the video
battery recycling
Typical battery materials processing stages

Sustainable black mass recycling that helps our planet

Our biggest impact is through our customers when they use our technologies and services that help them to achieve their own sustainability and productivity targets.

Sustainable benefits with battery black mass recycling process:

  • >60% reduction in embedded carbon
  • >30% CO2 emissions
  • >20% energy
  • >20% water pollution
  • >20% air pollution

The flowsheet contains Planet Positive core equipment such as:

Battery black mass recycling process is compared with the production of virgin nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate manganese dioxide and lithium carbonate.

sustainable recycling
Battery Minerals
Metso is driving a more responsible and sustainable energy transition with its comprehensive coverage of the battery minerals production and recycling processes.

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