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Classic screens

OEM supplier of several legacy brands

Whatever your process requires, Metso has the screening equipment to fit your needs. We offer replacement screens and all the required spare parts for most screen models - so you can count on the same benefits you got the day you ran your machine for the first time.
One-to -one replacement

One-to-one replacement

Replacements fit in the same space as the old units, with no changes or modifications to the steelwork structure or chutes

OEM technology

OEM technology

To get the most out of your machine, it is important to use the right parts, understand how the machine works, and carry out preventive and predictive maintenance



Turnkey packages with screen, media, parts, installation and

Discovering your needs

Mining and aggregate companies strive to maximize production and reduce costs. The yield of an operation is highly dependent on the performance of the screen. However, finding exactly the right screening solution that is reliable and efficient can sometimes be challenging.

Optimizing your screening process
The expertise that is designed into our screening solutions is clear. Experience, know-how and understanding our customers’ needs is what makes our vibrating equipment not only different, but better. By taking a holistic approach, we can offer customized solutions that help maximize capacity and productivity.

Direct, one-to-one replacement of classic legacy machines
Do you have a classic screen in operation that is nearing replacement or upgrading? If so, Metso can definitely help you find a solution. We have a long tradition in screening, and we support several legacy brands of screens and feeders. As an OEM supplier, we can help replace your current screen with exactly the same screen or with an improved version. And, if your requirements have changed, we can help you find a screen from our standard range that will meet your current needs and targets.

Supply based on your scope
You don’t need to change a complete unit, since we offer all parts assembled according to your specifications. This allows you to keep on site the usable components that are still in working condition, such as motor drive units, base frames and others. If you wish to change the type of screening media, our engineers will help you find the most suitable conversion kit.

When choosing spare parts, your decision impacts the lifespan of your screen. Your goal is longer wear life, with few - if any - maintenance needs. In this sense, choosing the right part becomes more than essential to a long operating life. By providing spare parts manufactured according to original drawings and the right work methods, we guarantee the best results for your process and longer machine life.

Service close to you
Our comprehensive distribution network is comprised of more than 150 strategically located distributors to ensure shorter lead times. Our skilled service team provides support from the moment you order a screening solution and throughout the lifetime of the screen.

Hewitt Robins
Hewitt Robins

Hewitt Robins has had a long history of screens in Europe and throughout North and Central America. The models it’s known for are Vibrex Incline Screens, Eliptex Horizontal Screens, Eliptex Pan and Grizzly Feeders, HDV Car Shakeouts, Trackside Car Shakeouts, Floatex Shakeouts, Vibrex VXX Scalping Screens, and Gyrex Screens. With its large installed base, there are many units in operation today.


Nordberg introduced heavy-duty mining screens with LM gear box exciters. Available with horizontal and multi-slope decks. These screens are equipped with features required in the toughest applications, including oversized cross beams, heavy lining systems, and gear box exciters that can easily change the counterweight settings. The DNA of these designs can be found in our equipment today. The photo shows a CVB screen with inclined deck, typically for the aggregate industry.

Svedala Allis Chalmers
Svedala (Allis Chalmers)

The screening division of the former Allis Chalmers Company was started in 1929 with the ”Style A” four-bearing screen. With nearly 100 years of screening experience, there is a large installed base of these screens throughout the world. The models it’s known for are Multi-Flo Banana Screens, SH and XH Ripl-Flo, Low-Head, Level-Flo, ST Ripl-Flo, Duo-Flo, Tripl-Flo, Low-Head Feeders, High Frequency Dewatering Screens, VFS, VHS, and VMOT.


A wide range of robust circular motion screens and liner motion screen with self-synchronized mechanisms. Predominantly used in quarries and gravel pits. Deck frames from individual cross beams. Many options of deck frames for adapting the screens to any kind of screening media and a wide scope of applications. A well-known brand in North, West and Central Europe.

W.S. Tyler
W.S. Tyler

Originally known as Cleveland Wire Works, the company was founded back in 1872. In 1917 the first Hummer Electric Screen was introduced, marking the beginning of a new area for the company. W.S. Tyler has a large range of machines and a very large installed base throughout North, Central, and South America. The models it’s known for are Ty-Rocket SE and S Screens, CH70 Screens, Ty-Speed Screens, Ty-Rock Screens, and Ty-Hummer Screens.

SECO - Screen Equipment Company

In 1957 SECO introduced the first two-bearing incline screen, which is still the most popular style of screen in use today. SECO had a very large presence in the northeastern part of the US and Canada. Today people still like the robust machines, and there is a large installed base.


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