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Metso's Outotec Octaburner is a concentrate/matte burner for Flash Smelting and Flash Converting furnaces. It improves the solids feed and process air distribution, intensifying the suspension reactions and resulting in improved metal recoveries and longer furnace campaign life.

  • Reduced metal losses in slag due to more even process air and feed distribution
  • Less oxygenin in the off-gas line due to improved oxygen efficiency
  • Longer furnace campaign life due to more even heat load distribution to reaction shaft and settler
  • Reduced risk for blockages
  • Reduced maintenance needs
  • Lower height requirement
  • Easy to retrofit to existing furnaces
  • Safe access for inspection and cleaning

Concentrate burner

The heart of the Flash Smelting and Flash Converting process

Metso's Outotec Octaburner is a sleeve-type concentrate burner with a central jet distributor structure. The burner design is a result of over half century of experience. It forms the heart of the Flash Smelting and Flash Converting process and lays the foundations for more sustainable metal production. Its operation can be adapted to meet the needs of different feed rates and feed analysis. Process parameters can be calculated using the Metso Process Advisor and operation controlled with advanced Metso Proscon Control System to enable significant improvements in furnace operation.

The Octaburner mixes the solids feed with oxygen-enriched process air to form a turbulent suspension, which ignites at the top of the reaction shaft. The rapid reactions that follow consume almost all the oxygen in the reaction shaft. The rigid construction maintains burner stability, while the sophisticated monitoring systems guarantee that high oxygen efficiency is maintained. Efficient operation is ensured with upstream Metso loss-in-weight feeders and air slides for accurate feed supply.

Metso's Outotec Octaburner’s improved design for solids feed and process air distribution further increases burner efficiency compared to the previous-generation Metso's Outotec Concentrate Burner. Process air velocity is accurately controlled using an integrated, low-maintenance system comprising two synchronizer linear actuators directly connected to the velocity-adjusting sleeve shafts and driven by servo motors. The lower height of the burner unit enables easy access for maintenance and adjustment, while feed inlet cleaning is easier thanks to a top-mounted hatch. The risk for blockages is reduced with a new type of feed division. The new air chamber design allows optimum integration of Metso's Outotec FlashGuard system for burner discharge monitoring during daily operation.


Metso's Outotec Octaburner is available in a range of sizes with feed capacities typically from 70 t/h to 350 t/h.

To maximize the operational benefits, full replacement of the existing burner is recommended. Metso also offers upgrade packages that will enable gradual improvements in burner performance. These include upgrades for the central jet distributor, burner base, distributor, and servos, as well as integration of the Metso's Outotec FlashGuard system.

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