Metso Full portfolio Shutdown Services
Successful shutdowns or turnarounds require careful planning to achieve the least amount of production downtime. Our experts can plan, manage and execute a shutdown or turnaround in the shortest time possible without compromising on safety or quality.

Leading process and shutdown optimization capabilities to help you reach your sustainability targets

Safety excellence

With a site-specific safety management plan

Higher plant utilization

With a detailed scope and improved utilization of resources

Cost and time savings

Our 10-point planning system helps you execute shutdowns more efficiently with shorter turnarounds 

  • Schedule optimization
  • Better allocation of resources
  • Safety excellence
  • Quality results
  • Cost and time savings
  • Higher plant utilization
shutdown services


Successful shutdowns or turnarounds require careful planning to achieve the least amount of production downtime. We focus on meticulous planning and extensive collaboration across workforce disciplines to plan shorter but attainable project schedules. Acting as your shutdown or turnaround manager, we can also coordinate all the resources, materials, and equipment needed to execute the project. Starting with a comprehensive shutdown plan, our shutdown management teams can ensure that your shutdown is conducted on time and on budget, allowing you to return to full production with an asset that delivers according to plan.


Metso shutdown management teams can consist of as few as one consultant integrated into your project team to as many experts as needed for large and complex asset turnarounds. Our 10-point planning system creates a how-to set of documents that help you achieve a shorter shutdown or turnaround and more efficient execution. Our shutdown packages range from shutdown reviews which can be conducted remotely, to shutdown planning and support, to a total shutdown solution, which is customizable to suit your needs.

shutdown services

Progressive shutdown packages to meet your needs

Whether you are looking for analysis and benchmarking, methodology and scoping support, to full shutdown execution, we have a package to help you meet your goals. Our shutdown packages can be tailored to suit your needs.



shutdown services
  • Roasters
  • Furnaces
  • Grinding mills
  • Gyratory crushers
  • And others
Roaster Shutdown Services

We are the market leader in roasting plants and metallurgical furnaces, performing plant assessments, shutdown planning, and demolition work for the past 40 years with references from hundreds of projects. 

We have a large network of experts to assess your plant performance for best asset utilization prior to shutdown planning and use special robotic demolition machines operated remotely to execute projects on time and budget, putting safety first.

Our pioneering, state-of-the-art roaster remote demolition concept enables a fast and safe shutdown service using our proprietary roasting demolition platform.

Read more here.

Roaster Shutdown Services
Refractory Demolition Services
Refractory Demolition Services

Metso demolition methods rely not only on commercially available demolition machines, but also on our special line of Auburn™ machines, tools, and methods that have been designed, developed, and refined over 35 years of demolition projects.

Our priority is safety. We use advanced safety gear and methods to protect our people and your property. Our demolition experts are famous for their ability to remove furnace hearths and bottoms faster than anybody in the business. Our experienced machine operators can rapidly descale and remove refractory material without causing damage to the steel shell. We have experience with various furnace types and metals.

Webinar: Risk Planning and Dealing with Unforeseen Challenges During Shutdown Events
Appreciate good planning, understand risk identification and mitigation as well as best practices


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