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For more production, less maintenance and a more sustainable and reliable operation

Whether old or new, we can help bring your crusher to the next level. We have a wide variety of upgrades available to get your crusher performing like a modern-day machine. Explore some of the upgrade options for Symons™ and Nordberg™ cone crushers here – however many more exist. Contact us to learn more.

Why upgrade your cone crusher?


Upgrades improve reliability and help you ramp up capacity


Upgrades help to prolong the life of your equipment, and make it more efficient


Upgrades provide additional safety for crews


Upgrades help to simplify and speed up maintenance

Upgrades for Symons™ Cone Crushers.
Upgrades for Symons™ Cone Crushers
Metso has supported Symons™ cone crushers since their first production with Nordberg in 1928. That’s nine decades of models and variations. The Symons™ is a legend in the world of cone crushers. Yet operating one is becoming more challenging in a business environment that puts increasing emphasis on safety and productivity.

It is for this reason that Metso has created numerous upgrades, allowing your Symons™ cone crusher to perform like a modern-day machine, no matter what decade it’s originally from. View some of the available upgrades in the tabs below.
For increased production

For increased production

Advanced bowl adjustment control

Can lead to productivity gains of up to 20%, thanks to a remote setting feature that reduces the need for manual setting and makes for easier adjustment. Also reduces maintenance time and improves safety during bowl removal and installation.

Hydraulic tramp release and clearing system

Reduces downtime and operating costs by replacing the original mechanical springs with Metso’s hydraulic tramp release and cavity clearing system. Also provides a safer way to handle a crusher that has stalled due to overload, power loss or tramp iron.

For better reliability

For better reliability

Replacement hydraulic power units (HPU)

Many of these upgrades are based on integrating hydraulics. In most every case, a replacement power unit is required to take full advantage of the upgrade features. The 1-2-3 platform has evolved over decades of experience. This new platform is now skid-mounted, incorporating proven components into a more compact and serviceable form.

For improved maintenance

For improved maintenance

Hydraulic motor bowl adjustment system

Provides faster and safer bowl adjustment, while eliminating the need for a bowl locking arrangement. This translates into easier calibration and a crushing circuit that runs more efficiently – for a higher quality end product.

Hydraulic lock posts

Simplify your bowl locking procedure with safer and faster setting adjustments for your Symons™ crusher. Hydraulic cylinders replace mechanical posts, reducing the labor and time required to change crusher settings from hours to seconds.

Skid-mounted package lube system (PLU)

Modular design for faster assembly and delivery. Relying on proven components and decades of experience, this new family has transitioned from a reducer pump to a direct drive pump, which simplifies maintenance and parts management.

Upgrades for Nordberg® Cone Crushers
Upgrades for Nordberg® Cone Crushers
Nordberg® cone crushers have a long history of performing well in a wide variety of operations and application. Known for cost-efficiency and crushing force, these machines have changed a lot over the years. Taking the best of those innovations, Metso offers tested and reliable upgrades for multiple models including the Nordberg® MP and HP series.

Explore some of the upgrade options available in the tabs below.
For increased production

For increased production

MP maX liner crusher upgrade - Nordberg® MP1000™ cone crusher

Aimed at increasing the production rate capability of the Nordberg® MP1000 crusher by as much as 30%.

Selecting the right liner is critical for optimal cone crusher performance. Metso’s MP maX liner crusher upgrade is designed to improve the performance of your MP crusher by reducing the frequency of liner changeouts, maximizing uptime and decreasing the total cost of ownership.


Safety and sustainability

  • The MP maX liner crusher upgrade allows for the thickest liners possible for MP crushers custom-designed by Metso. Thicker liners contribute to an overall more sustainable operation due to generating less wear parts-related waste and less exposure to chemicals.

OEM design expertise

  • Liners are incrementally custom designed in terms of the chamber profile and material to deliver the most productive wear part set with the longest life to your operation.
For better reliability

For better reliability

Xtreme durability forged head (an MP XM Series upgrade)

Designed specifically for the most demanding kind of crusher operations. Aimed to ensure consistent bearing loading within machine design parameters.

Enhanced durability heavy-duty head

Designed for tough applications. Aimed at improved crusher availability while extending the longevity of your equipment.

Elect durability traditional cast head

Designed to meet the needs of machines operating within design limits. Match your price point and duty level to get the most life out of your components.

For improved maintenance

For improved maintenance

Head maintenance stand

Improves servicing of the cone crusher head. This means less downtime, greater cost efficiency and increased safety for those performing the task.

Jack screw locking nut

Designed specifically with maintenance and safety in mind, the jack screw lock nut simplifies the task of replacing the mantle of your crusher. Now a minimal amount of torque applies the proper preload.

Top mount clamp cylinder (an MP XM Series upgrade)

Specifically designed for heavy duty applications, the new top mounted clamping cylinder lasts up to three times longer than its predecessor. It is also easier to replace.


Hydraulic socket (an MP XM Series upgrade)

The Hydraulic socket is designed to separate the socket from the mainshaft without manual intervention, making repairs safer and faster than ever before.

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