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Overland conveying solutions  are used for a wide range of applications and provide an economic and efficient material transportation method

Overland conveyor solutions

Economic and efficient material transportation

Overland conveyors are designed for material transportation for long distance mining applications. Metso overland solutions provide flexible and reliable material transportation with increased energy savings for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Minimal energy consumption and robust components


Open-pit or underground options with horizontal or vertical curves


Fast installation and designed for ease of maintenance

High capacity

Up to 20,000 tons per hour capacity

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Economic and reliable transportation

Efficient material handling in mining requires overcoming industry challenges. High total ownership costs, operational safety, uptime and maintenance concerns and lack of process connectivity. 

Metso overland solutions uses our mining industry experience and knowledge to develop economic and reliable solutions based on customer needs. This involves an end to end solution including concept studies, project development, project execution and post-installation services and maintenance.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Our overland conveying solutions minimize energy consumption due to our energy savings idlers (ESI), which can reduce power required by up to 30%. Also our robust components lead to less maintenance and spare parts costs, which will reduce overall operational costs.


Metso overland conveying solutions are flexible to provide options for either open-pit or underground operations. We also are able to help with route definition and are experienced in handling horizontal and vertical curves.

High Availability

Due to our designs, the conveyors are installed quickly and are built for ease of maintenance. Thus, reducing the time required for start-up and downtime for maintenance.

High capacity

The overland conveyor solutions allows for capacities up to 20,000 tons per hour. We also can provide over 5 km on a single flight and can handle large lumps for a seamless process.

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Metso overland conveyors for mining provide a viable solution for long distant material transportation
Overland conveyors

The overland conveyors are reliable and efficient for long distance material transportation needs. Our solutions easily adapt to cross over obstacles and follow the ground profile including horizontal and vertical curves. With robust components, this will create a seamless material transportation process.

These conveyors are also suitable for in-pit applications if required.

Underground conveyors

The underground conveyors are designed with all the similar benefits our overland solutions come with, but is configured to fit properly into underground mining operations. The conveyor belts used are fire proof to minimize risks. Also we include components to help control dust pollution to help create a safer work environment. 

Overall, Metso underground conveyors increase cost efficiency and safety of underground operations.

Underground conveyors in mining provides a viable solution for compact space needs that bring high productivity and dust control.
Energy saving idlers (ESI) provides decreased power usage and overall will save costs during operation.
Energy Saving Idlers (ESI)

Energy Saving Idlers (ESI) are a patented feature that help boost the energy efficiency for overland conveying solutions in mining applications. With over 30 years of industry experience, Metso has found a way to provide up to 30% power savings for material transportation.

  • More savings from the decreased power consumption
  • Less spillage and wear leading to an extended component lifetime
  • Cost efficiency from reduced CAPEX and OPEX with minimal downtime
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