Metso Full portfolio Discharge Device
A reliable discharge device is critical to the smooth operation of calciner plants to ensure a solid, constant inventory and assist in fluidizing solids. The discharge device is used to control the flow of hot alumina at the furnace seal pot.

Reliability with added benefits


Quick and convenient device exchange


Ease of maintenance enhances safety


Innovatice design maximizes plant performance


Device longevity saves costs.

  • Increased plant performance, availability, and safety
  • Improved product quality
  • Stabilized furnace inventory
  • Longer life span
  • Reduced maintenance

The discharge device is controlled by measuring furnace differential pressure and operates as a variable cross-section valve. We developed the first CFB calciner in the early 1970s. Metso has designed and constructed 51 calciners with continuous developments and innovative material selection and design over the past five decades. We possess a proven track record with project execution excellence globally, with most projects delivered as EPC contracts.

Our latest-generation discharge device is embedded in the rich history of Metso alumina calcination and has been developed to reflect a state-of-art Metso design.


  • Enhanced material selection for lance tip, lance tube, and nozzle bricks in alignment with plant temperature and customer preferences
  • Optimization of Cv value for a variable cross-section
  • Improved actuator control using the latest pneumatic actuator and positioner design
  • Compatible with existing communications protocol (4-20 ma + Hart, Fieldbus, etc.) refining feedback
  • New center purging air design embedded in the lance tube, eliminating manual purging lance, or can be used in combination with manual purging lance 
  • Incorporates the latest machine safety regulations 

The new discharge device has shown increased plant performance, availability, and safety. Product quality and homogeneity are improved by stabilizing the furnace inventory. The device's longer life span and components save costs and reduce maintenance with fast and easy device exchange.

The additional features and longer life span of the device and components save costs and reduce the maintenance period with a fast and easy exchange of the new device.

Spare parts
Spare parts


Coupled with the development of the discharge device, we have also improved and standardized the key components and spare parts. The eCatalogue, spare part procurement and management can be optimized and accelerated with an adequate stock holding of most critical spare parts.


  • Lance tip
  • Nozzle brick
  • Stuffing box and packing cords
  • Actuator and positioner

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