Metso Full portfolio Feeders - apron, belt, grizzly, pan, wobbler


Dependable feeding solutions for any application

Feeders are widely used in mining operations and in aggregates and recycling applications to transfer materials from one process step to the next, or to extract materials from storage stockpiles. Feeders ensure that bulky materials are dosed correctly and deliver a uniform flow of dry or moist fraction of rock or minerals. Metso’s range of feeders consists of apron feeders, belt feeders, grizzly feeders, pan feeders, and wobbler feeders that are available as standard or customized versions.

Proven reliability

Long-term performance with minimum downtime.

Safe to operate and maintain

Easily accessible and designed according to strict safety regulations.

Versatile applications

Multiple standard versions or customized for any need.

High productivity

Robust design and seamless integration with other machinery.

Metso pre-configured feeding solutions files now available
Looking for 3D models and drawings that will help optimize your project flowsheet transition into a plant layout then ultimately to equipment specifications? Metso is streamlining your ability to find STP, DWG, General Arrangements (GA) and more data from Metso's pre-configured feeding solutions without having to contact a representative.

Durable feeders for dependable and high-output operation

Metso feeders offer reliable performance in a variety of circuits, even in the most challenging conditions. Designed for versatility and safety, they help increase your production capacities and lower your costs.

Proven reliability

The robust build of Metso feeders provides reliable long-term performance with minimum downtime, even for heavy duty operations. Each feeder has been designed and constructed to match its varying needs enabling consistent performance throughout its service life.

Safe to operate and maintain

Metso feeders are designed according to strict safety regulations and include a variety of safety features to ensure maximum safety during operation. Additionally, easily replaceable and highly available spare and wear parts keep maintenance and costly downtime to a minimum.

Versatile applications

Feeders can be configured to suit your operational needs, including customization for stationary or mobile circuits, surface or underground use, and various tasks from material processing to loading to feeding directly into crushers or other feeders.

Overall performance can be optimized further with optional features and parts. 

High productivity

Metso feeders are designed for consistent high output performance ensuring maximum productivity of your operations. Robust feeders can be seamlessly integrated with other machinery for superior performance and cost efficiency.

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