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Crossover™ feeder

Experience driven hybrid feeding technology

With an innovative and modular belt-over-apron hybrid design, the Metso Crossover™ feeder delivers unmatched levels of availability and reliability with a reduction in overall costs.

Innovative, robust and modular design for quicker execution

Reduced height by up to 50%

Lower overall costs for both CAPEX and OPEX

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Crossover™ feeder - Experience driven hybrid feeding technology

Metso Feeding Solutions has over 125 years of experience with over 3,000 installations globally. With this industry leading expertise, experience and technology, Metso has now developed the latest addition to the portfolio: the Crossover™ feeder.

Metso's Crossover™ feeder combines proven designs with innovation and modularity to produce a belt-over-apron hybrid solution. The Crossover feeder provides an alternative solution to applications where an apron or belt feeder would not be the optimal choice.


The Metso Crossover™ feeder has a unique design that uses modular components to configure any size of feeder that would be required. This approach creates a quicker execution process overall and more availability for the feeder.

Also the Crossver™ feeder gives a height reduction compared to conventional feeding technology. This allows the feeder to fit in applications where there are height restrictions, but also provide easy replacement capabilities in the right brownfield applications.

CAPEX savings

Metso's Crossover™ feeder is designed to boost cost efficiency compared to conventional feeding technology. Through the reduced design height, less excavation and civil work will be required and results in providing installation cost savings.

With a modular design and bolt construction, the Crossover™ feeder provides an efficient solution for brownfield replacements of existing apron or belt feeders where access is limited. 

Lower OPEX

Like Metso apron feeders, the Crossover™ feeder features robust, sealed for life track components. These provide long and reliable operating life.

Also to mention that since the Crossover™ feeder does not require a dribble belt, requires less rotating components and less maintenance. All of this combines to result in less operating costs.


Overall cost reduction

The Crossover™ feeder design features a reduced height (up to 50%) as compared to conventional feeding technology. This lower height requirement provides an opportunity for CAPEX savings by decreasing the excavation and civil works required.

For retrofit applications, the reduced height profile allows the Crossover™ feeder to readily and economically replace existing feeders including apron and/or belt feeders by lowering modification costs.

Overall cost reduction
Optimal application ranges
Optimal application ranges

Metso's Feeding solutions provide coverage for a wide range of applications and duties in mining. The Crossover™ feeder provides a perfect solution combining the benefits of an apron and belt feeder. 

The Crossover™ feeder's optimal applications are:

  • As a secondary crushing feeder under a crushed ore bin or slio discharge
  • Tertiary stockpile reclaim
  • Feeding to a secondary cone crusher

These are some of the optimal application ranges for the Crossover™ feeder, but aways make sure to consult a Metso representative to ensure proper sizing and selection.

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