Metso Full portfolio Gypsum Removal plant unit
Improve sustainability by significantly reducing atmospheric emissions with the Metso gypsum removal plant unit. The unique design of our cooling tower equipment helps reduce your environmental footprint and comes with our process expertise and efficient proprietary equipment to offer a complete solution.
  • Minimizes process downtime, improves product quality, and reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces cooling tower emissions
  • Offers a solution for both new and existing plants
  • Reduces footprint and construction costs with a compact design
  • Includes equipment, engineering, delivery, and service
Gypsum Removal plant unit

In the Metso gypsum removal plant unit, the gypsum-saturated process solution is fed to the tower for cooling. The solution is cooled under the gypsum saturation point to remove excess gypsum by precipitation. The precipitating gypsum is removed from the solution using the Metso High Rate Thickener.

Gypsum seed recycling and the correct operating conditions ensure efficient gypsum precipitation, so the formed precipitate can settle easily. This also reduces circuit maintenance by minimizing gypsum precipitation on surfaces. The overflow with reduced gypsum content is then pumped onwards to the next process step.

The Metso gypsum removal plant unit is a complete solution for controlled gypsum removal. The unique combination of Metso proprietary equipment and process expertise provides the foundation for excellent process performance.

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