Metso Full portfolio HSC Chemistry Periodic Chart Module

Periodic Chart Module

The basic chemical and physical properties of the elements have a decisive effect on the thermochemical properties of compounds.

HSC Ele – Periodic Chart Module

For example, the electronegativity values of the elements have a strong effect on the chemical bonds between the elements in all chemical compounds. Therefore the periodic system of elements provides the base for thermochemistry.

Different properties can be plotted on the chart by selecting a property from the menu below the chart. The chart shows at a glance the greatest and smallest values in the periodic system. The exact number values behind the spheres can be shown by clicking the element square or label in the diagram. The diameter of the sphere shows the magnitude of the value compared to the maximum value.

The periodic chart module offers an element database in spreadsheet format with some 56 different element properties. Users can easily add their own data to this table in the same way as in MS Excel applications. This data may be saved for later use by selecting File Save.

Periodic Chart Module
Periodic Chart Module


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