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Reaction Equations Module

Traditionally, researchers have tested their ideas by writing out reaction equations, and then calculated equilibrium constants and heats of reactions from standard thermochemical data. This required a time-consuming search for this data with standard state conversions.

Reaction Equations Module

Reaction Equations Module does all the above instantly - you simply type the reaction equation in the input field and HSC gives you the heat of the reactions, the equilibrium constant at any temperature and the amount of species. HSC even checks the elemental balance and gives potentials vs. the standard hydrogen electrode for electrochemical reactions.

The calculated heat of reaction is the amount of heat that will be absorbed or released in the reaction. The equilibrium constant predicts the direction of the reaction. User input may be in the form of simple formulae or chemical reactions:

Mg = Mg(g)
2Al + 3/2O2(g) = Al2O3
H2O = 1/2O2(g) + 2H(+a) + 2e-
Ag = Ag(+a) + e-
3NO2(-a) + H(+a) = 2NO(g) + H20 + NO3(-a)
2Al(+3a) + 3S(-2a) + 6H2O = 2Al(OH)3 + 3H2S(g)

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