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Thermochemical Database

Basic thermochemical H, S and Cp data is available in the HSC Chemistry database for more than 29 000 of the most common species used in chemical industry. However, the number of different chemical compounds is infinite and so sometimes missing or incomplete data may prevent successful calculations. Most of the species (some 60 %) are inorganic.

HSC Thermochemical Database

All the calculation options of HSC Chemistry utilize the same databases, and therefore they are an essential part of the program. The enthalpy (H), entropy (S) and heat capacity (Cp) values of the elements and compounds are saved in the thermochemical database together with a variety of additional information.

HSC Chemistry can handle two active databases simultaneously, denoted as Own and Main database. The current version of the Main database contains thermochemical data on more than 29 000 species, including pure substances and aqueous species. The Own database is reserved for the data specified by the user. It is empty when the user gets the software, but up to 60 000 species can be saved in one Own database. Users may create as many Own database files as they like.

HSC Thermochemical Database
HSC Thermochemical Database


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