Water Module

The Pressure and Temperature calculator enables a complete thermodynamic description for a species, by allowing the user to specify not only the temperature but also the pressure (partial).

HSC Wat – Water Module

This calculator is currently only available for water, since the properties of steam, in particular, deviate significantly from those of the ideal gas, i.e. the heat capacity is purely a temperature-dependent function. In letting the user specify the water/steam pressure, cases where pressure is of extreme importance can easily be calculated.

This water module is a very useful replacement for steam table books and Mollier diagrams. By directly typing the pressure and temperature of the process points, or by simply clicking on the diagram, the process enthalpy and entropy are calculated along with several other useful thermodynamic data. The module is also available through Heat and Material Balances, where the pressure correction may be inserted into the worksheet as a cell formula.

Water Module
Water Module


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