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Lokotrack® LT96™ mobile jaw crusher plant.

Lokotrack® LT96™ mobile jaw crusher

Compact mobile jaw crushing plant with great performance

Lokotrack® LT96™ is Metso's most compact mobile jaw crusher. It is ideal for small scale on-site crushing, such as crushing demolition waste and aggregates production on construction sites. Compact dimensions enable Lokotrack® LT96™ to be transported even with permanent transporting licenses, depending on the country.

Optimum crushing results

Track-mounted unit

Energy efficient

Easy and safe to operate

Lokotrack® LT96™ mobile jaw crusher is easy to transport

Lokotrack® LT96™ is a mobile jaw crusher especially for primary crushing. It is mounted on tracks and can be easily moved inside a quarry or a construction site, and transported between sites on a low bed truck.

Our most compact Lokotrack

Lokotrack® LT96™ is Metso's most most compact mobile crushing plant, which makes it ideal for small scale aggregates production and crushing demolition waste on construction sites. Thanks to compact dimensions, it is easy to transport to tight spaces, even with a permanent transportation permit in some countries. 

Slightly modified version of Lokotrack® LT96™, called Lokotrack® LT96UG™, is engineered for tunneling projects. It has all-electric drive and it is equipped with an apron feeder.

Durable design

Lokotrack® LT96™ mobile crusher is built around proven Nordberg® C96™ jaw crushing unitdesigned for crushing hard rock types such as granite, basalt and gneiss. The sturdy, bolted and pinned design increases the durability of the crusher against shock loads, and enables Lokotrack® LT96™ to perform a long period of time. 

Optimum crushing results 

The Metso IC™ process control system optimizes crushing results. It allows one-button start and stop, with built-in troubleshooting and a variety of parameter selections. All Lokotrack® mobile crushers in the same crushing process can be connected to the Metso IC™ system. In addition, the entire process can be conveniently monitored and controlled from the excavator's cab using the Metso Remote IC application for remote process control.

Advanced system for setting control 

Active Setting Control™ is an additional feature of Lokotrack® LT96™. This advanced system automatically adjusts the crusher settings so that uncrushable objects exit the cavity before causing blockages or inefficiencies. Active Setting Control™ enables continuous crushing and protects the crushign unit from extreme overloads. 

Safe and easy maintenance 

Metso is investing heavily in its equipment safety and easy maintenance. In Lokotrack® LT96™, safe and easy daily operations are ensured with an extensive platform and easy access to jaw crusher maintenance points.

Crushing in populated areas?

Are you crushing in a city, near schools, residential zones or close to other populated areas? Lokotrack® mobile jaw crushers are also available as noise and dust encapsulated versions called Lokotrack® Urban™ Series mobile crushers that comply with stricter noise and dust regulations and enable crushing closer to public.

Ideal for

  • Small-scale crushing in tight spaces 
  • Crushing demolition waste on construction sites 
  • Hard rock applications 


  • Compact design makes it easy to transport, even with permanent transportation permits (depending on a country) 
  • Can handle even the most demanding loads of feed material  
  • Active Setting Control™ enables easy control of the settings
  • Long-term investment with high re-sale value

Lokotrack® LT96™ mobile jaw crusher's technical specifications

Lokotrack® EC range coming in May 2024
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Are you crushing in a city near populated areas?
Read more about our noise and dust encapsulated Lokotrack® Urban™ Series mobile crushers.

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