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Lokotrack® e-Power solutions

Lokotrack® e-Power solutions

Better business with diesel-electric hybrid machinery

Mobility and versatility are at the heart of the Lokotrack® product line. Wherever your job takes you, the Lokotrack® e-Power solutions make sure you have the advantage of always using the cleanest, most economical power option.

Hybrid power for savings and sustainability

Compliant to the strictest regulations

Long service life with less downtime

Power grid or diesel fuel – change with a flick of a switch

Twice the opportunities

There is no beating the flexibility of a modern low-emission, low-noise diesel engine – with a full tank you can work for days anywhere. But there is no beating the economy, silence, cleanliness and easy maintenance of an electric power, either. So why not take both? The Lokotrack® e-Power solutions gives you twice the choice – with new job opportunities, cost savings and ease of maintenance. And it has been tested, proven and developed for decades.

Twice the opportunities
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Compliance in the city
Compliance in the city

Electric power has the advantage of being quiet, emission-free and economical whenever the grid is available, like on construction sites in the city. Add the Lokotrack® Urban™ noise and dust suppression systems, and you can crush and screen practically anywhere – in compliance with the strictest regulations.

Flexibility out in the wild

Diesel power enables you to go anywhere and be ready for anything. Add the legendary Lokotrack® agility and compact, hydraulically powered transport mode, and you can always be where you are needed – quickly and economically.

Flexibility out in the wild

Reasons to go Lokotrack® hybrid

More tons for your money

Fuel costs are high – and will stay that way. While there is global variance, it can be said that electricity is always cheaper per kW than diesel fuel. Here is an example on how you can save on fuel costs alone.

*Chart - 2-stage crushing plant with 2000 operating hours

Diesel vs. electricity cost calculator for Lokotrack®
Calculate your savings for using electricity as a power source in mobile crushing and screening.
remote ic
Remote IC - control your Lokotrack train from a single view


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