Metso Full portfolio Maintenance strategy and program
Maintenance strategy and program

Maintenance strategy and program

Meet your site maintenance management and operational requirements with a customized maintenance program developed by Metso experts.
Continuous improvements with enhanced efficiency and productivity
Optimize operating costs
Use resources efficiently with high equipment availability
Improved safety

The program will support your existing maintenance strategy, which we can help you define and fine-tune based on your business needs. With an efficient strategy in place, you can optimize equipment reliability and safety.

  • Helps you use resources effectively with high equipment reliability and safety
  • Optimizes operating costs
  • Enhances efficiency and productivity through continuous improvement
Maintenance Strategy and Program


  • A comprehensive solution for customer site maintenance management
  • Establishes a modern maintenance strategy program to support your production requirements
  • Focus is on the implementation of your maintenance program and then on the continuous improvement of your site’s maintenance activities


  • Plant Hierarchy Structure
  • Plant Criticality Analysis
  • Failure Codes
  • Asset Maintenance Plans
    • Electrical Preventive Maintenance Plan
    • Mechanical Preventive Maintenance Plan
    • Lubrication Plan
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