Metso Full portfolio Metrics Monitoring for mining
Metrics Monitoring

Metrics Monitoring for mining

Improve reliability, operational performance and optimization with remote monitoring

Take collaboration to a new level. Metrics Monitoring provides advanced connected analytics and expertise to our customers, ensuring that equipment performs at an optimal level. Metrics Monitoring is provided by Metso Performance Centers.

Why choose Metrics Monitoring?

Improved sustainability

Increased energy and resource efficiency, decreased need to travel to site

Increased asset reliability

Less unexpected stops, faster recovery of production

Continuous process improvements

Expert recommendations for optimized operation and maintenance

Lower overall maintenance cost

With planned maintenance instead of reactive corrective maintenance

Metso Metrics
Helping leverage your existing assets

Metrics Monitoring brings expertise through advanced analytics to your daily activities. You know your site best and we know your equipment best. Online digital monitoring has a key role to play in every operation and can be a valuable tool for optimizing safety/sustainability, maximizing operational efficiency, and enhancing profitability.

With remote access to your equipment data, it will be as if an expert is there with you – even though they are actually hundreds of miles away, providing a proactive way of identifying problems before they cause costly equipment failure, unplanned downtime and productivity losses.


How it works

Metrics Monitoring is a digitally enabled expert monitoring service from the Performance Centers. We connect to customers’ existing DCS or PLC, read the data in real-time and send it to our cloud platform, Metrics. In most cases, we use already existing data without retrofitting sensors.

Metrics Monitoring is available on two service levels. Metrics Monitoring Level 1 provides you with online visibility into the health and performance of the connected equipment. Metrics Monitoring Level 2 includes a more extensive scope. The time of the best equipment and process experts is a scarce resource, and this Level 2 service uses digital tools to bring that expertise into your everyday decision-making.  Our Performance Centers use advanced data analytics tools to support the customer in meeting their targets, which are always discussed together to set the basis for continuous improvement.

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