Metso Full portfolio MillMapper Liner Wear Monitoring
MillMapper Liner Wear Monitoring

MillMapper™ Liner Wear Monitoring

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Unique in the industry, Metso MillMapper™ liner wear monitoring allows your maintenance and operational personnel to extend liner life cycles, optimize liner design, prevent liner failures, optimize throughput, and improve the performance of your mill.
  • Improves safety
  • Minimizes inspection shutdown times
  • Captures wear data on the entire mill
  • Offers reliable reline forecasting
  • Optimizes liner designs
  • Defines metallurgical parameters
  • Improves identification of liner abnormalities to significantly reduce unforeseen liner failures
MillMapper™ Liner Wear Monitoring
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Metso MillMapper is a globally patented technology and is the industry standard in mill liner condition monitoring and modeling.

Accurate without any compromise

  • Over 7 million thickness points and hundreds of cross-sections, critical path components, and hot spots detected from every scan

Proven and trusted solution

  • Metso MillMapper is the only patented and specialized mill liner measuring technology
  • Used more than 4,000 times worldwide – the equivalent of scanning a single mill for over 500 years

Safe, fast and easy to use

  • Can eliminate the need for confined space entry
  • Data capture takes a matter of minutes
  • Purpose-built 3D mill inspection software

  • Detailed wear report
  • One-on-one consultation follow-up
  • 3D model and software
  • Database package of site’s wear history

Scanning is performed in as little as 15 minutes and can be scheduled to coincide with your planned inspection shutdown.

The wear report, provided in a very short time frame, provides statistical wear tracking information, including wear curves, forecasting tables, cross-sectional and longitudinal profile curves, and reline efficiency. Metso MillMapper liner wear monitoring software automatically selects and reports on the highest wearing zone, giving you protection against unexpected wear patterns and ensuring that high wearing areas are always captured.

The report is written by a metallurgist or engineer, followed by recommendations in a one-on-one consultation. Sites are also encouraged to download the 3D models and reports from their scan, using the integrated Metso MillMapper software. They can then conduct a virtual inspection of the mill and comprehensively review any particular point.

Metso can also be commissioned for project work to optimize mill operation, optimize the sequencing of reline schedules, redesign liners, calibrate load cells, perform a complete reline service for grinding mills, and much more.


We are proud of our 60+ years of experience in optimizing grinding mill liners and implementing best practices. Metso offers the market’s widest range of products to choose from.


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