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Mill liner wear monitoring and prediction services

Mill liner wear and performance monitoring

The key to constant improvement and optimized performance.

The performance of your mill linings can be verified with wear monitoring. Regular wear follow-ups provide accurate wear profile data. This data is essential for the development of the next set of liners​ that are optimized to your current operating conditions.
Safer and faster wear readings
Increased safety

Safer and faster wear readings

Thorough and detailed insights
Higher performance

Thorough and detailed insights

Ideal liners for your current conditions
Improved sustainability

Long-lasting liners optimized for your current conditions reduce CO2 emissions 

Accurate maintenance planning
Better planning

Accurate maintenance planning

Understand how a mill liner wears
Understand how a mill liner wears

Eventually, even the toughest mill liner will wear off. Understanding how your linings wear has a direct impact on the performance of your grinding mill. Metso’s wear management solutions extend liner life cycles, optimize throughput and uptime and empower better decision making with accurate wear reports and thorough analysis and wear forecasts.

Furthermore, knowing the current and historical wear rates, wear behavior, and performance of the mill is a prerequisite for liner optimization.

Stop guessing, start knowing.


Liner Wear Monitoring

Unique in the industry, Metso MillMapper™ liner wear monitoring allows your maintenance and operational personnel to extend liner life cycles, optimize liner design, prevent liner failures, optimize throughput, and improve the performance of your mill.


  • Improves safety
  • Minimizes inspection shutdown times
  • Captures wear data on the entire mill
  • Offers reliable reline forecasting
  • Optimizes liner designs
  • Defines metallurgical parameters
  • Improves identification of liner abnormalities to significantly reduce unforeseen
  • liner failures
Experience liner assessments in virtual reality

The new patented Virtual Inspection platform brings the benefits of 3D-scanning to a new level. It enables viewing of your scanned mill linings in virtual reality and offers an efficient and safe environment for technical discussions. 

  • The users enter a 360° environment where they can move about freely in a 3D virtual setting and interact with the mill lining scan to analyze it.
  • You get to see your own individual linings scans and the tool offers ways to display and address problem areas, improvements, and new concepts remotely.
Experience liner assessments in virtual reality
Check the video
Watch the video to learn how to inspect mill linings in virtual reality

MillMapper™ is the patented industry standard in mill liner condition monitoring and 3D modeling. You get full analysis on all visible surfaces.

From every scan, over 7 million thickness points and hundreds of cross-sections and critical path components are detected. Scanning is performed in as little as 15 minutes and can be scheduled to coincide with your planned inspection shutdown. 

Read more about MillMapper here. 

Other measurement methods

Selected areas of the mill liner can be measured with manual wear readings with pin-gauge and visual observations. More advanced measurement of profiles can be done fast and accurately with a hand-held iPad that is connected to the software. 

Combining different tools and measurement methods gains usually the best results. 


3D DEM simulations

Instead of using the general discrete element modeling (DEM) software available on the market, we have developed our own set of simulation software that uses algorithms created based on our vast grinding process know-how.

The unique wear-progression model predicts the performance of the lining extremely accurately and can be calibrated using wear-monitoring data to further optimize the liner design. It is the market’s most advanced software for comparing different lining alternatives and calculating total costs over lining life cycles.

Read more about simulation tools here

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