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Foresight™ Semi-mobile primary gyratory (SMPG) crushing station

Semi-mobile equipment is increasing in popularity for mining operations due to the cost savings from ease of construction and relocation. Metso's Foresight™ semi-mobile primary gyratory (SMPG) crushing station provides a modular and intelligent solution that increases maintainability and safety for maximum productivity.

Maximize productivity

Modular, flexible and high capacity solutions for optimal processing

Minimal civil works and foundations

Reduced tensile forces and concrete foundation requirements

Improved maintainability and safety

Designed for easy access and safe maintenance 

Minimized environmental impact

Utilize dust mitigation systems to reduce dust emissions

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Metso's Foresight™ semi-mobile primary gyratory (SMPG) station is a crushing plant made of steel. The guiding principle is to reduce concrete works to the largest degree and build a modular plant with a focus on ease of installation and associated site-activities, maximizing off-site work, as well as ease of relocation.

Maximize productivity

The Superior™ MKIII primary gyratory crusher plays a critical role and increases capacity due to the high speed and throughput. The MKIII primary gyratory crusher can deliver up to a 30% capacity increase and reduce downtime by up to 70%.

The SmartStation provides optimal operation. By combining multiple automation tools from our Metso portfolio, the control and feedback allows the SMPG station to run at maximum productivity levels.

Minimized civil works and foundations

Since the SMPG station is a crushing plant made of steel, this will reduce the concrete works to the largest degree. Optional pontoons distribute the weight of the crusher tower to compacted ground covered by gravel, which requires only a minimum amount of preparation. This design lends itself where future relocations are planned.

The improved truck ramp designs reduce tensile forces in the crushing plant pocket by reducing the foundational requirements.

Improved maintainability and safety

The SMPG station provides a list of safety devices that help to enable ease of maintenance and an overall safer operation. Some include cranes for heavy lifting, the eccentric cart, pin gate, rock breakers, firefighting system, hoists and more.

The eccentric cart is one of the main highlights that allows for easy access and maintenance of the entire station. The pin gate that is located under the vault, which also leads to improved safety and maintenance.

Minimized environmental impact

The SMPG station utilizes a dust suppression system to reduce the dust emissions produced by the plant. Furthermore, all SMPG stations can be equipped with a dedusting system, covering truck approach and discharge feeder transfer points.

The Metso Foresight™ SMPG station is also part of the Planet Positive portfolio due to the sustainability benefits. 

Check out the key configuration pillars below!

Metso wins order for Foresight™ semi-mobile primary gyratory crushing plant at Codelco’s Radomiro Tomic operation

Metso's Foresight™ Semi mobile primary gyratory (SMPG) crushing stations are modular by design and can be configured based on operational needs and productivity goals. There are 6 key configuration pillars that predominately will make up the configuration:

  • Capacity is determined by hourly throughput and truck sizes
  • Mobility requirements in terms of frequency and means of relocation or off-pad assembly
  • Flow control determined by availability requirements, material characteristics and downstream conveyor layout
  • Process control driven by required automation level, process optimization and data analytics capabilities
  • Dust control depending on dust generation, plant operations and environmental considerations
  • Safety, access and maintenance depending on equipment and personnel access requirements

The Foresight™ SMPG station design in terms of capacity are driven by a few factors:

  • Truck sizes
  • Average hourly production requirement in tons
  • The run-of-mine (ROM) feed particle size distribution
  • Required maximum product size as P80 or P95

With this knowledge, the feed hopper, vault, truck ramps, crusher and discharge feeder can be selected accordingly.

The Foresight™ SMPG station determines mobility by the ability and associated effort level required for future crushing plant relocation or assembly outside of the crusher pocket. Plants that do not require relocation can be mounted on foundations and be equipped with bridge cranes rather than jib cranes as they offer a better operability while enabling the addition of roof covers and side cladding to the bridge crane structure.

Establishing mobility requirements determines:

  • Structure modules and relocation
  • Pontoon OR foundation
  • Crane type and roof


The Foresight™ SMPG station configuration options for flow control address feeder equipment choice to meet material characteristics in terms of flowability. With the correct feeding equipment choice, the plant can maximize availability and productivity.

There are different feed areas and equipment to be considered:

  • Station feed: Direct / Apron feeder
  • Discharge feed: Conveyor, apron feeder or SMPG feeder
  • Measurement: Rocker breaker, Magnet

Metso offers various configuration options for Process Control to boost productivity. It covers the areas of the electrical design and supply in terms of power, motor and automation infrastructure and varying battery limits according to customers and project requirements. 

Further process control can be performed through our SmartStation technology and global performance center support. Find the different areas fo process control below:

  • Electrical and automation
  • SmartStation
  • Connected analytics

The dust control configuration area allows matching regulatory, operational and material requirements with the correct suppression and/or collection equipment.

The parts that make up a dust control configuration for the SMPG station are:

  • Water spray or dry fog
  • Encapsulation
  • Dedusting

Metso’s Foresight™ SMPG has the highest inbuilt safety, accessibility, and maintainability of semi-mobile primary gyratory plants on the market. 

Our service teams support, operate and maintain crushing plants and conveying equipment around the globe and their feedback is continuously reflected in our design improvements. This enables Metso to match plant design and on-site performance, in operation and maintenance, to deliver the tons on a continuous basis, at highest availability.

Find below what makes us up such a safe, accessible and maintainable solution:

  • Eccentric cart and pin gate
  • Rotable top shell
  • Loader access and ancillaries
Redefining IPCC productivity
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