Metso Full portfolio Tube press filter
Tube press filter

Tube press filter

Pressure filtration

As particles get finer, more energy has to be introduced to separate solids and liquids. Designed to be used in demanding dewatering applications with ultra-fine, compressible materials, Metso Tube press filters are proven to produce dry cakes, even from ultra-fine particle slurries, with less energy.

High capacity

Up to 100 bar filtration pressure

Energy efficiency

Up to 90% energy saving compared to conventional filter press and dryer

Water efficiency 

Up to 30% reduction in water loss with filter cake disposal

Ease of maintenance

Few moving parts

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  • Driest possible cake solids
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Exceptionally clear filtrate


The tube press is suitable for applications where/with:

  • Thermal drying is used
  • Low cake moisture is required
  • Filtrate with high value
  • (Ultra) fine particles
  • Difficult to dewater slurries
  • Traditional filtration fails
  • Cake handling is critical
  • Significant cake transport costs
  • Cake is disposed of to landfill
  • Future expansion needs
Testing capabilities

Metso’s filtration expertise is built on almost one hundred years of R&D and process knowledge, and is supported by the company’s globally unique Dewatering Technology Center (DTC) in Lappeenranta, Finland. The DTC plays a crucial role in Metso’s filtration solution innovations and acts as a hub for close university cooperation related to separation technology research. Metso has performed over 14,000 filtration tests and has delivered over 5,000 filters around the world.

Testing capabilities
Metso tube press booster
Tube press booster range

The booster is an individual drive system directly connected with the Tube press. The installation is very compact combining one motor to generate the mechanical dewatering press force.

The Booster drive is an intelligent system for small to medium scale applications in industrial filtration and/or laboratory and pilot scale installations.

The Metso Filtration Services team strives to deliver the best possible availability, performance and quality whilst optimizing costs. Our filtration solutions aim to eliminate environmental and societal risks at our customer operations. Our filtration experts ensure safety and quality are built into everything we do from R&D and engineering to parts and services.

Filtration upgrades to help achieve your sustainability and production targets

Faster, easier maintenance
Increased filter availability
Improved safety
Minimized downtime
Webinar: High pressure filtration for ultra-fine particle dewatering
Learn more about the most suitable solutions for demanding and ultra-fine dewatering applications.

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