Buckets for mining and aggregates


Buckets engineered for maximum performance and long-lasting durability in challenging environments.

Metso offers customized buckets tailored to meet your specific requirements, along with the option to supplement ground engaging tools (GET), on-site service and support. No matter what kind of material is being loaded, our wide range of buckets is the ultimate solution to a diverse range of mining and aggregate requirements.
Optimized bucket design
Optimized design

An optimized bucket loads more tonnage per hour, resulting in fewer rounds and less fuel consumption.

Increased uptime
Increased uptime

On site service and support will minimize unplanned downtime and enhance productivity.

One partner
One partner

We provide end-to-end solutions, ensure seamless operations and add substantial value to your business.

Improved sustainability
Improved sustainability

High-performing and long-lasting buckets can help reduce your carbon footprint and make your business more sustainable.


Backhoe loaders that improve performance



Bucket volume: 4m3 – 50m3

Machine range: 70tn – 800tn


Optimized backhoes

In the competitive world of mining, where time is money, investing in excavator buckets optimized for specific needs is a strategic and smart move. Metso's backhoe loaders can help improve the performance, efficiency and safety of your operations.


This is how

The construction of our backhoe loaders involves comprehensive analysis and calculations. We tailor each design to your unique needs, considering factors such as size, weight, force and reach. Optimizing these parameters will help you achieve better productivity, fuel economy and durability. In addition, an optimized design can also reduce the backhoe loader's environmental impact, noise and maintenance costs.


Face shovel

Face shovels for harsh conditions



Bucket volume: 10m3 – 42m3

Machine range: 120tn – 800tn


Face shovels to improve your loading

Face shovels, also known as front shovels or mining shovels, play a pivotal role in every mining business and a tailored solution can significantly improve your loading operations. By optimizing this essential piece of equipment according to your requirements, we can help you achieve increased efficiency and enhanced productivity.


Cast lips and wear protection

With a cast lip solution and wear protection designed to withstand the harshest operational conditions, the bucket ensures operational reliability, thereby reducing maintenance and downtime.


Rope shovel

Rope shovels for your specific operation


Bucket volume: 10m3 – 70m3

Machine range: 400tn – 1600tn


Rope shovels that maximize payload

Metso offers high-quality rope shovels, also referred to as mining rope buckets, constructed with a focus on maximizing payload capacity, reducing cost per ton and ensuring that they seamlessly integrate into the specific operating environment.

Proven performance

As a result of a deep knowledge of materials and bucket design, our rope buckets have consistently demonstrated outstanding performance in real-world operations. They are continuously evaluated and developed to achieve optimal wear resistance and strength, taking into account your application, truck fleet configurations and productivity goals.


Wheel loader

Wheel loaders for speed and precision



Bucket volume: 8m3 – 25m3

Machine range: 50tn – 260tn


Optimized wheel loaders

High performing and dependable wheel loaders are crucial for challenging operations in mining and aggregates. They play a vital role in handling materials with speed and precision, improving safety and productivity. Depending on the size, shape and density of the material, as well as the intended application, we offer optimized wheel loaders capable of performing various tasks, including loading trucks, grading and transporting materials within your worksite.

Wear protection

All wheel loaders are equipped with wear protection that extends the lifespan of the buckets. Designed to provide comfort, safety and versatility, they also contribute to improving the working environment for operators.


Dredging bucket

Dredging buckets for tough challenges



Bucket volume: 4m3 – 50m3

Machine range: 120tn – 800tn


Customized dredging buckets 

We know that dredging buckets are not one-size-fits-all tools. When developing a customized bucket for dredging, our initial step always involves conducting a thorough assessment of your specific requirements, taking into account various factors like material being dredged, location and capacity demands, to provide you with the best possible solution.

Engineered to minimize breakdowns

Reliability is paramount as dredging equipment often operates in challenging and harsh environments. Any failure can result in costly downtime and potential safety risks. Metso’s dredging buckets are constructed to be lightweight, reliable and durable, capable of withstanding the wear and tear associated with abrasive materials and prolonged use. They are engineered to minimize the likelihood of breakdowns, essential for maintaining a smooth and efficient dredging operation.


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