GET face shovel bucket for mining

Ground engaging tools

Loading well is vital. Using the right ground engaging tools is crucial.

At Metso we prioritize not only the big applications where making a difference can seem obvious, but also the small details that matter. We ensure that all components are optimized to work flawlessly and seamlessly. Because, as important as loading the bucket optimally, is having it equipped with the right ground engaging tools (GET).
Increased uptime
Increased uptime

On-site service and support minimize unplanned downtime, ensuring continuous equipment operation. 

Reliability and longer wear life

Longer wear life of ground engaging tools means less maintenance, better availability and more production time.

All-in-one solution

A comprehensive loading and hauling portfolio, combined with an extensive range of services, make us a one-stop partner.

Improved sustainability
Improved sustainability

Optimized GET prolong the life of your equipment and prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

Ground engaging tools

GET maximized performance




An optimal GET system can significantly improve the performance of your machines. Metso provides comprehensive solutions to protect your equipment and ensure its maximum capacity, avoiding unnecessary and costly downtime. By using the right, high-quality ground engaging tools, you will utilize your bucket’s full performance and ensure that no capacity is left unused. Furthermore, your bucket will handle more, require less and last longer.



Metso is your one-stop partner for loading and hauling solutions. With us, you gain access to the latest technology, cutting-edge product development, professional service and support. We help you find the best solution for your business, based on your needs, such as lower costs, optimized maintenance and improved work environment.

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