Conveyor sealing systems.

Conveyor sealing systems

Prevent waste of product and protect from damage

Designed to safely seal the area where the chute meets the conveyor, Metso’s conveyor sealing systems prevent dust or material spillage. Made using special material, which is softer than the conveyor belt, the conveyor sealing system helps to avoid grooves forming in the belt over an extended period of operation and the belt material being worn down. It prevents waste of product and protects your equipment from damage. And most importantly, it prevents dust escaping into the atmosphere thereby protecting the health of your operators – a multi-purpose solution with many sustainability advantages.

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WAMskirt sealing system properties and features

Your conveyor will have minimal spillages and dust thanks to WAMskirt and its efficient liners and seals. The WAMskirt system is mounted externally, eliminating the need to work in confined spaces and significantly improving safety. A tapered face on the lower liner trains material away from the skirting and back into the centre of the belt, improving overall performance. Fixed and removable options are available, and modules can be customized to meet your needs or adapted for retrofitting.

Material properties

WAMskirt provides two-stage control of spillages and dust, with proven durability in tough mining environments. Firstly, fully adjustable metallic primary wear liners direct the flow of material and prevent spillages of larger particles. Secondly, the rubber or urethane secondary dust seal captures dust and smaller particles.

Special features

The removable WAMskirt option features modules that allow every second liner to be removed, freeing up space to maintain the fixed liners. All removable components weigh less than 20 kg, making handling safe and easy.

WAMskirt conveyor sealing system
WAMskirt sealing system technical description


  • White iron (check)
  • Rubber or polyurethane
  • Steel


Heavy duty (Steel cord belts) mining applications

Standard, customize or retrofit:

The standard system features a narrow installation height, but modules are fully customizable to specific dimensions and liner configurations. WAMskirt can also be easily adapted to different mounting systems, making it a straightforward retrofit in most skirting environments.

WAMskirt technical specifications


Trellex Clamp-On properties and features

Material properties

Made of foam polyeurathane (PU), a material developed specially for this application, the product is delivered in blocks of two type of lengths. The PU material has lower wear properties than the belt itself, which means that there is no risk of grooves forming on the belt, even when used over extended periods. And when the PU starts to wear down, it is easy to readjust the position of the sealing system and keep the seal tight.

Special features

A laser-cut metal plate is screwed or welded to the chute wall. The foam PU blocks are then hooked onto the plate’s profile and clamped into position with a horizontal aluminium profile. To adjust their height, the clamps can just be released and the PU blocks manoeuvred into the new position. Where two PU blocks overlap, an overlapping Z-profile guarantees a tight seal.

Trellex Clamp-On technical description
Trellex Clamp-On technical description


  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminium
  • Steel/Plastic
  • Foam polyerethane PU

Hardness 4: 85 ±5 Shore A

Density: 1.03 g/cm3

Color: Black

Trellex Clamp-On technical specifications


Trellex Snap-On properties and features

Trellex Snap-On conveyor sealing system is the optimal choice when the longer stretches of your belt need to be sealed. It is designed to safely seal the area where the chute meets the conveyor.

Material properties

Made of extruded EPDM rubber, a material developed specially for this application, the product is delivered on a roll. It has lower wear properties than the belt itself, which means that there is no risk of grooves forming on the belt, even over extended periods of operation. When the rubber sides start to wear down, it is easy to re-adjust the position of the sealing system to keep the seal tight.

Special features

A laser-cut metal bracket is attached to the chute wall with simple wedge bolts, which makes installation very easy. Extruded rubber sides are then snapped onto the bracket’s special profile – hence the name Snap-On. Since the rubber is delivered on a roll, and the construction is very simple, this sealing system works well for sealing longer stretches of your belt.

Trellex Snap-On technical description
Trellex Snap-On technical description


  • EPDM rubber RU
  • Galvanized steel

Hardness: 60 +/-5 Shore A

Density: 1.16 g/cm3

Color: Black

Trellex-Snap-On-with balloons-RGB.jpg

Trellex Snap-On technical specifications


Trellex Wearliner properties and features

A valuable addition to every chute, Trellex Wearliner is a practical product that delivers a whole series of advantages.

Material properties

The product is made of rubber, vulcanized onto an angled-steel plate. The special type of rubber (Trellex T60) used is a very hard-wearing material that can withstand heavy impacts. Its high elasticity means that falling material bounces off its surface, efficiently preventing material from getting trapped and damaging the belt.

Special features

Trellex Wearliner sits inside the chute wall and, thanks to its angled profile, guides material towards the centre of the belt and away from the sealing system. This helps eliminate mistracking and gives your sealing system a longer wear life. Lined with soft rubber, this valuable accessory greatly reduces the noise of falling material inside the chute, thus also contributing to a better working environment.

Trellex Wearliner technical description.
Trellex Wearliner technical description


  1. Rubber RU
  2. Steel (t = 5 mm)

RU Hardness: 60 Shore A

Color: Black

Trellex Wearliner technical specifications


Trellex Inspection Hatch properties and features

We recommend using an inspection hatch whenever you want to watch or access the workings of a closed operation. For example, when checking the condition of your belt cleaner, or even replacing it.

Material properties

Unlike most competing products, Metso’s inspection hatch is made of foam PU with a steel frame, not just steel alone. Thanks to the elasticity of the foam PU, the inspection hatch sits tightly in position, preventing leakage of dust or other substances.

Special features

Our inspection hatch is designed for very easy installation. Just screw into position, and get access to the parts of your equipment that would otherwise be impossible to see or reach – in minutes!

Trellex Inspection Hatch technical description.
Inspection Hatch technical description


  1. Foam PU
  2. Powder dip-coated steel

PU Hardness: 44 Shore A

Color: Black

Dimensions: Hatch 400x325x30 mm

Trellex Inspection Hatch technical specifications

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