Screening media tension systems

Screening media tension systems

Customized solutions made in rubber, polyurethane and/or classic wire

Screening media tension systems include a variety of options for fine to coarse screening. The products provide performance and cost effectiveness for a wide range of screening applications. All solutions are customized to your application and come complete with tension hooks to suit your screen.

Performance targets

Maximized throughput

Virtually eliminating blinding and pegging

Ease of maintenance

Tailor-made to suit your screen

Increased uptime

Long wear life and perfect fit

Wide range of cost-effective screening media

Tension cloths are the most common media fixing in the world. Metso offers a range of different cost-effective screening media tension systems options for almost any application. We make the tension mats to suit any OEM so that we can upgrade your equipment to handle primary screening to the screening of wet humid fines and everything in between. For coarser screening applications, we can apply TCO rubber tension mats; for lighter, more standard applications, we can provide woven wire cloth, rubber and PU. For finer dry screening prone to blinding, we offer anti-blinding cloths, such as TFX and PCL.

Trellex® TFX
Trellex® TFX
Trellex® TFX is a complete system specifically designed for the fine screening of materials that tend to cause conventional classic wire to blind over.

The secret lies in the thin, flexible soft rubber (T40) membrane type of screen cloth, supported by reinforced rubber spacers that provide extremely accurate separations. The highly flexible screening area counteracts blinding. As standard, all TFX cloths are manufactured with a Bucker bar over the support irons to avoid damage to the cloth.

Trellex® TFX is packaged as a complete system and includes the screen cloth, tension hooks and center hold-downs (recommended for widths of 1,300 mm or more).


Trellex® TCO Rubber
Trellex® TCO Rubber

Trellex TCO is an all-round cloth designed primarily for final products of 4-100 mm.

Trellex TCO is made of T60 wear-resistant rubber and features special heat-treated cord reinforcement that facilitates tensioning and also maintains the proper tension without the need for continual adjustment. The reinforcement also reduces the degree of tensioning, which contributes to longer service life. Trellex TCO screen cloths are fitted with tension hooks as standard. For screen widths exceeding 1,300 mm, center hold-downs should be used. Trellex TCO is normally used for thicknesses of 5-50 mm.

All Trellex TCO are custom-made to fit any screen cross tension or longitudinal tension.

Trellex® TCO Polyurethane
Trellex® TCO Polyurethane

Trellex TCO-PU is a screen cloth made of highly wear-resistant polyurethane. It is designed specifically for use on longitudinally and transversely tensioned screens for screening in the medium and fine ranges.

The panels are especially suited to wet screening. They fit all vibrating screens in the same way as conventional rubber screen panels, so no modification to the support frame is needed. The configuration of each panel can be manufactured to suit your needs.

Apertures are either slotted or square. Precision-molded apertures ensure consistently accurate sizing. Reinforced by steel cables, Trellex TCO-PU is tensioned exactly as a wire mesh panel, eliminating the potential for elongation.

Trellex® PolyClean
Trellex® PolyClean

The Metso wire screening media system Trellex® PCL (PolyClean) enables you to screen your material efficiently, even in the most demanding conditions. Trellex PCL can screen feed that is damp and sticky or prone to pegging and produce a cleaner product. Combining the wear-resistance properties of polyurethane with the open area of wire media, Trellex® PCL provides increased wear life and capacity compared to classic wire.

Trellex® PCL has a flexible inner core that allows greater vibration of individual wires. This inhibits buildup of material over the screening surface, preventing blinding and increasing the efficiency. The flexible inner core is capped with a wear-resistant layer that maximizes the life of the media.

Trellex® Classic Wire
Trellex® Classic Wire

Complete range of opening, wire diameter, metal and weave types to provide you with the correct product for your application. Our extensive inventories allow us to supply you the correct product to your exact specifications.

Ultraloy wire has the optimum combination of strength, ductility and abrasion resistance. These properties combined with advanced manufacturing processes offers up to 30% increase in wear life. 

Astroloy is an extremely hard, abrasion and corrosion resistant metal. This metal excels when used in applications where the material is extremely abrasive and chemically corrosive. The smooth surface prevents material from adhering to it, making it ideal in applications where the material is damp and prone to blinding.

Trellex® Ultrafine
Trellex® Ultrafine
Many producers want to replace hydrocyclones with fine screens that enable a more efficient separation. Historically, fine-screen technologies were limited due to high wear rates of wire mesh screening media, but nowadays polyurethane media solves this problem.

Trellex UFS cloths, specially developed for ultrafine screens, are strong yet flexible and significantly reduce blinding and pegging. They allow efficient classification of fine particles between 0.075 and 1 mm. Made of polyurethane with a strong reinforcement, the Metso solution offers a unique combination of high flexibility, long wear life and high open area.

Our screen cloths are easy to install with a simple tensioning system, leading to more uptime for your operations.

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Continuous improvements
Continuous improvements

Metso offers wear parts with materials and designs optimized for each application. We work closely with our customers and carefully follow their process to make sure the media we supply is always optimized for current operating conditions. We can design and supply screening media for all types of screens – for Metso screens or competitor screens. Our wide product range, innovations, knowledge and experience make us unique. Our approach to wear parts design is focused on screening performance, availability and safety.

Services for screening

Metso offers a full portfolio of parts, services and equipment to ensure that you get the best out of your screening process and reach your production goals.

More than screening media
When buying screening media from Metso, you get more than just a wear part. We always do a pre-study and select the media to match your conditions and targets. Wear and performance monitoring are regularly done to better understand your process and to optimize the media accordingly. We offer technical support, and we arrange product and process training as well as technical development meetings for our customers.

Installation and change-outs
Our experienced engineers oversee the safe and timely installation of Metso outotec-supplied parts. Our experts adhere to the most stringent safety standards and are highly trained in OEM workmanship, allowing for a high-quality installation. If necessary, Metso can also guarantee the amount of downtime needed to perform the wear part change-outs.

Screening circuit optimization
Metso’s process experts help in solving complex operational issues using analytical techniques, laboratory testing, and advanced control systems. Whether you need to optimize a piece of equipment, a circuit, or your entire plant, we have the tools and the technology to help make it happen.

Life Cycle Services
Metso’s pre-packaged solutions are designed to assist you in meeting your business goals, from start-up to shutdown to end-of-life. We can provide support on a specific activity or over a larger scope, combining elements from our large portfolio of services with unique commercial models.

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