Crusher inspections

Crusher inspections

Your road to trouble-free operation

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Undetected issues can lead to poor crusher availability, increased repair costs, HSE problems, unplanned downtime and production losses at your production plant. Having regular inspections as part of your maintenance plans, is key to the extension or maximization of your crusher’s performance! At the same time, a drop in overall costs will be realized.

Avoid undetected issues

Rely on Metso to keep your crushers running. Avoid unplanned issues and emergency stops with regular crusher inspections. Inspections give you the peace of mind that a problem won’t go unnoticed leading to equipment failure. By partnering with Metso, your equipment will be evaluated using established OEM procedures, proven techniques and decades of global crushing experience.

  • A cracked concave can lead to uncrushable materials stalling the crusher
  • Spider bushing leak can lead to upper bushing / journal failure
  • Too much trash put into crush can contaminate your product or stall your crusher
  • Upper head bushing damage can lead to journal failure
  • Incorrect crusher feed can cause premature eccentric and gear failures

Crusher inspections as Your Road to Trouble-free Operations

Higher crusher availablity

Reduced maintenance costs

Optimized end product quality

Preventive maintenance and proactive repairs

Regular inspections improve efficiency

Every quarry or mine wants its crushing equipment to have the longest life possible but this can be challenging when operating under harsh conditions. Many factors can have an impact on a crusher's efficiency and longevity so it’s crucial to keep a constant eye on how your crushers performance.

Our expert technicians are equipped with the right tools and trained to perform crusher inspections in the safest way. They can perform simple safety and surroundings inspections or do more thorough audits with your equipment running, idle or stopped. Extremely detailed inspection checklists are used for our audits, with the aim of detecting even the smallest problems a crusher can encounter. Finding problems early can help to save you money in many cases.

Regular checks you can perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis*:
Checks we recommend you perform on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis*:
  • A daily check of the condition and cleanliness of the hydraulic power units, hydraulic oil tank levels, oil temperatures, cooling fans and oil pressure levels among others
  • Overall noise of the crusher while operating
  • Bearing temperatures, crusher vibrations, feed distribution, feed level and electric power draw

* Refer to the manual you’ve received with your equipment to find the complete list

Thorough, specialized inspections by Metso experts

1000-hour Operating inspection

Up to two hours with the equipment operating and about 4-6 hours shutdown depending on whether it’s a stationary or mobile operation to review the general condition of the equipment. This includes a review of key wear components and additional verification of critical spare components. No disassembly of the equipment is required.

Wear replacement inspection

Whenever wears are replaced on any type of crusher, a more in-depth inspection can be performed not only on the bowls/concaves and mantle, but also on other components such as bushings, eccentrics, MPS, and pitmans depending on the crusher being inspected. All points covered in the 1000-hr inspection are also done.

Annual major inspection

One or two-day disassembly inspection including assessment of the condition of all major components with detailed measurements. Typically, wear part change-outs, major spare parts and component replacement or an equipment upgrade can be scheduled at the same time.

Expert report with recommendations

Every inspection we execute will always be followed by a qualitative report documenting the condition of your equipment and providing recommended actions. From experience, we know that in many cases, little changes can have a big and positive influence on your operations.

Together with your team, we can also develop site-specific maintenance plans including task lists that will make sure your plant is running efficiently and your crushers are performing at their best. Sharing our expertise and knowledge with you is what we always try to achieve, with the goal of your people becoming experts as well. 

IC automation on crushers
IC automation on crushers

What can you learn from the IC connected to your machine?

Many important and crucial parameters can be checked from the IC connected to your crushers. Keeping a constant eye on those can help you anticipate and prevent problems before they really happen! See trends, alarms, parameter changes and live operating conditions (remotely with IC and Metrics). Proper diagnosis can be a (pre-cursor / indicator / point out) to future repairs (or is a best practice, pro-active maintenance program)

Discover how the IC automation on crushers can help you get the most of your crushing process, from this webinar.

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