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Achieving optimal filtration results require filters to be in excellent mechanical condition and balanced with optimized maintenance and operations. Life Cycle Services (LCS) can help improve overall filter reliability, performance and safety.
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Maximized filter reliability and production

Metso filters

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Metso filters

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LCS for filters
Get more from your filters

When operating filters, you may encounter familiar challenges. These can range from experiencing shorter wear component lifetimes, having unexpected equipment failures, to experiencing high variation in the slurry feed content. These problems can lead to:

  • Excessive maintenance and spare part costs
  • Failing to reach production targets
  • Suboptimal product quality

Metso LCS for filters programs can help you overcome these challenges. Based on many years of experience in designing, building, delivering and maintaining filters, we know how to get the most from your filtration assets throughout their entire life cycle.

LCS for filters
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LCS for filters
LCS programs for filters

With LCS programs, we drive value adding service solutions depending on your needs. Our programs integrate service elements into simple, comprehensive, long-term agreements. Core service elements in our LCS packages are spare parts, repairs, maintenance and reliability, connected equipment and process optimization.

4 different program levels:

  1. Inspections and technical support: focuses on well executed annual maintenance, resulting in higher filter availability.
  2. Maintenance and reliability: highest reliability with minimum downtime.
  3. Rotable filter plate pack management: optimizes cost, ensures highest filter availability and takes care of plate pack.
  4. Process optimization: ensures excellent filter performance and optimized processes.
1. Inspections and technical support program

Having everything in place for a successful filter maintenance event can be a challenge. Our Inspections and technical support LCS program ensures that equipment condition is well monitored, and correct maintenance actions and overhauls are efficiently executed for highest availability.

Certified OEM experts take care of planning the overhaul, providing filter inspections, technical support and maintenance supervision. Predefined spare parts kits are supplied and changed out during the service.

The program is scheduled annually with renewal options to continuously improve the following production period and the next overhaul event. This way, Metso can provide precise improvement suggestions for better performance and reduced costs.

LCS for filters
LCS for filters
2. Maintenance and reliability program

Maintenance and reliability LCS program covers all functional systems of the filter. This program spreads the complete maintenance activities across shorter, more manageable events on critical systems, ensuring that all important components and materials are covered. These shorter and efficient service events help reduce the need for longer planned shutdowns throughout the year, allowing for maximum use of the filters.

By choosing this program, you will be able to maximize filter availability and reliability with simple preventive maintenance and parts schedules for all core systems of the filter.

3. Rotable filter plate management program

Metso offers cost effective program options to manage the OEM plates and plate packs for different filter models under our LCS Rotable filter plate pack management program. Depending on the filter model, we will provide new stand-by plates, supply the repair labor, spare parts kits, installation as well as wear rate monitoring of the components to define improvement opportunities.  

Rotable filter plate pack management program allows for multiple plate rotations over a given period, avoiding the need to invest in new expensive metal components. This program ensures minimized maintenance times and the lowest sustainable cost amongst the available options for our customers.


LCS for filters
LCS for filters
4. Process optimization program

Improving process stability is the key to process control and performance maximization. Process optimization LCS package will help you maximize productivity and energy efficiency of your filters by addressing specific plant challenges. Using our process and technology expertise gained from thousands of process tests and filter installations, we can identify the optimal operating parameters for your filters as well as help with the selection of the most suitable filter cloth.

By choosing LCS Process optimization program, you can increase equipment autonomy and hence ensure fewer manual interventions and safer operations.

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