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Metso provides expert services for the key process areas in iron ore pelletizing plants. Our comprehensive service portfolio is supported by deep technical equipment and process knowledge, experienced people, and specialized tools.
Expect sustainable results

Decrease energy and power consumption with a correctly aligned machine

operating costs
Lower maintenance costs

By minimizing wear of parts, maintenance costs are reduced

Improved reliability

Prevent unplanned shutdowns due to failures of stressed components

Longer lifetime

Within tolerances, components are preserved and lifetime increases

pelletizing services
Services at a glance

Inspections & alignment

Regular and standardized inspections provide a sound picture of your assets condition and the basis for optimized maintenance and plant reliability.

Upgrades & modernizations

As your production goals evolve, so should your equipment. We offer a wide portfolio of modernization solutions to ensure that you continuously achieve the highest production and quality levels.

Maintenance & shutdown support

From replacement services to full rebuilds of large components, we have many options to reduce the risk of equipment failure and minimize shutdown time.

Services at a glance

Spare & wear parts supply

Reliable original parts for perfect fit and function are a key part of optimizing the equipment performance, reliability, uptime, safety and maintenance costs.

Digital solutions 

Data transfer and automatization of processes allows you to make informed decisions that help you improve availability, reliability and performance with end-to-end operational visibility backed up by expert support.

Specialized training

Improve technical knowledge, increase safety and productivity of your operation with our specialized training services.

pelletizing services

Inspections and alignment

The inspection of the traveling grate is often followed by an alignment during the next shutdown in order to correct the identified and diagnosed issues before they develop into major problems.

Inspections by certified experts

Metso offers standardized inspections for the main process equipment of your pellet plant. The report gives a description of equipment condition and a root cause analysis for damage and extraordinary wear. Recommendations are provided for operation, maintenance and alignment, required repair and replacements, possibilities for up-grades, modernizations and capacity enhancement as well as for spare part stock holding.

Proper alignment is critical

It is essential that the traveling grate system, consisting of rails, sprockets, sealing and pallet cars is sufficiently aligned for efficient and cost-effective operation. Alignment is also a key factor in extending the lifetime of equipment and optimizing maintenance costs. Scheduled inspections well before the next major plant shutdown provides the basis for adequate planning of component sourcing and maintenance activities.

Our offering

  • Standardized equipment inspections by certified experts
  • Planning support of maintenance activities during next shutdown
  • Planning, management and execution of traveling grate alignment
Maintenance and shutdown support

The planned major plant shutdowns are extremely challenging events and paramount for Plant Reliability and Management. Installation and construction during the shutdown is also a critical phase for the success of a modernization project.

Based on our project execution experiences, our own furnace shutdown service team and proprietary planning and management procedures and tools, Metso can support you to execute maintenance and modernization activities and minimize the required production stoppage.

As per your specific requirements, we provide shutdown planning and scheduling, shutdown and construction management, site supervision or complete implementation and execution.

maintenance shutdowns
Maintenance, shutdowns and repairs
Successful shutdowns or turnarounds require careful planning to achieve the least amount of production downtime. Our experts can plan, manage and execute a shutdown or turnaround in the shortest time possible without compromising on safety or quality.

Upgrades and retrofits

Upgrades and retrofits are a great way to get new life out of your plants and equipment, allowing you to achieve modern-day performance. Our experts help you select and develop the best solution for your operations.

Our unique process expertise, research and test facilities, access to the OEM drawings and specifications, design engineering and project execution capabilities, give you the guarantee that any upgrades will be planned and executed to the highest standards within the agreed cost budget and schedule.

Key upgrades

  • Capacity increase or adaption to changing raw materials
  • Burners with different fuels, higher efficiency and lower emissions (e.g., low NOx)
  • Improvement of green pelletizing and machine feeding
  • Improved energy efficiency of furnace with new cooling air concept
  • Improved process control and automation
pallet car
Our new automatic pallet car changing device
Spare parts and component supply

With Metso, critical doesn’t mean complicated.

Without proper parts, equipment cannot function optimally. While often seen as a simple transaction where all parts look the same, the truth is that parts are critical and can greatly impact production and profitability.

Development is a focus to improve design, maintenance, or ease of installation. All of our parts are held to stringent OEM standards by our quality assurance group, and we stand behind what we supply 100%.

Spare parts to the original material specifications and tolerances, including:

  • Complete pallet cars or their components
  • Sprockets (gear rims)
  • Curved rails, run and slide rails
  • Spares for roller screens, pelletizing discs & drums
  • Burners & components etc.
spare parts

Why partner with Metso?

Metso experts can find the root cause of problems, provide expert options for time and cost-savings, and recommend solutions to help you get more out of your equipment. All service activities are backed by a global network of experts.
field services

Metso’s experienced field service engineers use standardized inspection and maintenance procedures, equipment and tools to efficiently and safely service and install equipment, components and systems in the field.

Consult Metso’s Ferrous process and equipment experts for:

  • One source for parts and technical service
  • Access to specialized knowledge and tools
  • Minimized interruption to production
  • Improved availability and productivity
  • Troubleshooting know-how
  • Safe working practices
  • Lower risk of failure
  • Easier maintenance planning

Learn more about our Field Services here


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