Vertimill® the industry leader in stirred milling



Metso draws from more than 100 years of mill design and manufacturing expertise, and over three decades of successful Vertimill® applications.
Since its introduction in late 1979, over 440 Vertimills® have been sold worldwide.
The Vertimill® has proven to be a versatile tool that exhibits many advantages over traditional ball milling.
The Vertimill® is capable of handling feed sizes up to 6 mm and grinding to products less than 20 microns, and has standard mill sizes ranging from 15HP (11kW) to 4500HP (3352 kW). 

Main features of the Vertimill® are:

  • Orebed® Magnetic shell liners – The permanent solution
  • Automatically greased bearings
  • VFD compatible – Unparalleled process control
  • Excellent turndown – Can run at a minimum of 20% power draw which makes it excellent for regrind applications and others with highly variable flows
  • Efficient high torque motor
  • Solid steel grinding screw with bolt on replaceable liners
  • Modular mill body


Lower operating costs than ball mills

  • Higher energy efficiency – Typically 25-35% more, greater than 50% energy savings reported
  • Lower Media Consumption – Coincides with energy savings
  • Low Maintenance – Screw liners are the only major wear component
  • Longer Wear Life – low wear parts costs and labor associated with replacement
  • High Availability – Greater than 98% is common

 Lower total installed cost than ball mills

  • Simpler Foundations
  • Requires less floor space – Typically 50% less than a ball mill
  • Modular Design for faster installation

 Safety Features

  • Less noise – usually below 85db
  • All moving parts are enclosed

Research and development

Large scale installations of multiple Vertimill® are possible and are becoming more and more popular. One recent project has installed 16 VTM-1500-WB in a secondary grinding application. It is projected that the energy and media consumption savings alone will be in excess of $100 million US Dollars over the life of the mine compared with traditional ball mills.

Metso has recently developed a 4500 HP (3352kW) Vertimill®, designated the VTM-4500-C. It will begin operation in 2015 in a primary grinding capacity. The development of this mill and larger Vertimills makes the practicality of Vertimills® in primary and secondary grinding applications very economical.

Our engineers will review your specifications and recommend the proper Vertimill® for your application.

Energy efficient grinding

Vertimills® are globally recognized as energy efficient grinding machines and have been  proven to grind more efficiently than ball mills with feeds as coarse as 6 mm to products finer than 20 microns. In addition to grind efficiency, reduced media consumption, lower installation cost, minimal maintenance, and minimal liner wear make the Metso Vertimill® the lowest total cost of ownership in many applications, substantially improving the profitability of concentrators.

Materials successfully ground in the Metso VERTIMILL® include the following: :
Aluminum Oxide Lime (slaking)
Aragonite Lime Power
Barite Limestone
Blast Furnace Slag Magnesium Oxide
Calcined Bauxite Magnesium Concentrate
Calcite Manganese Dioxide
Calcium Carbonate Manganese Ore
Clay Marble
Coal - oil Molybdenite
Coal - water Molybdenite Concentrate
Coal Tar Sludge Oil Sludge
Coke - oil Petroleum Coke
Copper Molybdenum Phospate Rock
Copper Concentrate Pottery Stone
Copper Ore Pyrite
Copper Slag Red Phosphorous
Copper-Lead-Zinc Ore Rock Salt
Decanter Tar Sludge Salt
Ferrite Sand Iron
Ferro Alloy Sericite
Ferro Manganese Silica
Gold Ore Silica Sand
Gold Tailings Slag
Graphite Strontium Ferrite
Hydrated Alumina Sulphur
Iron Oxide Talc
Iron Sand Uranium
Kaoline Zinc Concentrate
Lead Concentrate Zinc Lead Ore
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