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Get the most out of your grinding circuit and achieve your sustainability goals. Whether you are looking to minimize downtime, increase capacity, lower your cost per ton, or improve efficiency, Metso can support you. Discover our wide selection of grinding mill services and parts.

Why choose Metso as your partner?


Extend component and equipment life to achieve sustainability targets

Service footprint

Over 1,500 field technicians providing the knowledge you need and a rapid response time

Global supply chain

Ensuring standardized parts are in stock while customized parts are accelerated for production

End-to-end solutions

From durable parts to comprehensive maintenance and optimization services to full Life Cycle Services

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Spare and wear parts for grinding mills
Having the proper parts supply on-hand is critical to your operations. With decades of experience in designing, producing and supplying wear and replacement parts – you can count on us.
To ensure short lead times, we stock standardized parts throughout our 150 distribution centers. We also accelerate the production of custom-made parts, including shells, heads, trunnion liners and seals, lube pumps, and filters.
We have parts suited for all types of mills: autogenous and semi-autogenous, ball, stirred, and rod mills, as well as high-pressure grinding rolls and vertical mills. We also supply parts for select non-Metso mills.

Grinding mill maintenance and repairs

Proper maintenance and repairs not only help extend mill life, but also allow you to optimize your parts supply, manpower scheduling, and repair work. Metso offers a full range of sustainable solutions to keep your mill turning.

Girth gear flushing and cleaning

Minimize downtime and improve safety by removing contamination and lubricant build-up on girth gears prior to inspections to get a clear view of the condition of the gear.

Grinding mill inspections

Issues that go undetected can lead to breakdowns and unplanned downtime, significantly increasing repair costs and production losses. Metso offers three standardized inspections for your grinding mill so that you can catch problems early:
  • Mill visuals and vitals: Aimed at improving mill reliability, this inspection focuses on catching cracks, oil contamination, and slurry leaks with minimal downtime.
  • Mill mechanical verification: Aimed at improving mill integrity, this inspection looks for wash under trunnion liners and includes mechanical adjustments and critical torque verifications.
  • Mill comprehensive/customized: Aimed at improving mill longevity, this inspection includes an in-depth analysis of the gear and pinion as well as retrofit designs and procedures, as required.

Digital girth gear inspections

Our digital gear inspection method enables efficient gear inspections with outstanding accuracy compared to conventional methods with up to 60% less downtime due to quicker inspections.

Learn more about our digital gear inspections >

Grinding mill liner replacement

Liner replacement is a major maintenance activity for your grinding circuit. A reline can make or break your shutdown, either saving you valuable time or costing you production. Metso focuses on what’s critical to your success:

  • Uptime: We work efficiently to shorten relines and ensure reliability
  • Safety: Our team operates under strict safety procedures, always 
  • Planning: We use best practices from hundreds of global installations
  • Resources: Our trained crew saves you time and fills gaps in your process
  • Accountability: If unexpected issues occur, Metso will take action
With a range of relining services, you can find an option that suits your needs, no matter the project scope, liner type, or equipment brand. 

Shutdown planning and optimization

Downtime means money and we understand that every minute counts. That is why Metso has developed a full offering of services to help plan, execute, and optimize equipment shutdowns. From tool management to work procedures to time and motion analysis (SMED), we help you achieve efficient, safe, and timely shutdowns.


Maintenance and repair services

As equipment ages, production efficiency and reliability can decline. However, proper maintenance and repairs can reduce the signs of aging to enhance equipment life and ensure that your production goals are met. We are here to support you, from one-time fixes to full turnkey projects.

Metso offers a full range of repair services from reconstructing surfaces to full rebuilds of large components. Skilled technicians with specialized tools are available from our repair centers and global service network. All repairs are handled end-to-end, guaranteeing safe execution and the correct parts. Our network of repair centers constantly share best practices and have access to knowledge from our global design centers. This helps us guarantee repairs to the same exacting standards worldwide. Always working with the best available processes, tooling, and sustainable methods gives the value, consistency, reliability, and safety that our customers expect.

Learn more about maintenance and repair services >


Field services

Maintenance, repairs, installations, and shutdowns for grinding circuits can be large and complicated jobs. Heavy parts often require specialized handling and installation procedures, as well as specialized tools to ensure safety. Metso has a substantial network of field service technicians available to help. Each engagement is customizable to your exact requirements, whether you are looking for crews to fully execute the project or simply to supplement your on-site maintenance staff.


Gear and pinion services

A complete range of gear and pinion sets, inspections, design upgrades, lubrication systems, installation and reversal, temperature monitoring and alignment services to drive your mill’s performance. 

Learn more about our complete range of gear and pinion services here >

Metso hydrostatic lubrication system for grinding mills
Grinding mill upgrades and retrofits

Metso grinding mill upgrades bring the latest technology to your existing mills, making your operations more productive, sustainable, cost-efficient, and safer overall. Our upgrades are tailored to your production goals and are custom-engineered to your application. We are here to support you from design to execution.

Learn more about Metso’s upgrade options >

Mill Control System
The Mill Control System provides all control functions required for the safe operation of grinding mills and their associated lubrication systems, as well as continuously monitoring the equipment’s condition.

Process optimization and controls for grinding mills

The comminution circuit has many different elements and interactions that can make it challenging to choose the correct operating and control strategies. Metso provides numerous services and tools to aid in optimizing the comminution circuit to increase throughput, availability, and sustainability.
Metso grinding equipment and process specialists use ore characterization data, comprehensive plant surveys, and historical operational data to develop site-specific models for your comminution processes. These models are used in simulation studies along with extensive industrial and consulting experience and our benchmarking database to assess your comminution processes. We evaluate circuit configuration, operational parameters, and the key design variables to identify areas for improvement in the comminution process. 
We have developed several mill optimization products which include:
Grinding process optimization and connected services
Explore our tools to aid in optimizing your circuit to increase throughput, availability, or reduce energy consumption.
Life Cycle Services
Life Cycle Services

Minerals processing plants have many moving parts. You need to connect the dots to meet operational and sustainability goals, but this can prove to be complex. Rather than looking at each part individually, why not consider a complete solution? Metso is here to support you with pre-packaged and custom programs. Depending on the scale of your needs, our packages are flexible and equipped to cover a single-event or to span multiple years, measured against strict KPIs.

Learn more about LCS >

Asset management services

Grinding assets are subject to wear that can reduce equipment service life if not properly managed. You need a structured approach to asset management that allows you to maintain operational efficiency, reduce downtime, control maintenance costs and extend your assets' lifespan. Our AssetCare asset management plan is designed to provide a comprehensive framework for effective horizontal grinding mill asset maintenance and management.

Learn more about Metso's asset management plan services >

asset management
Horizontal mill plant units
Horizontal Mill Plant Units offer complete support in grinding circuit selection, as well as execution, service and operation.

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