Haul truck bodies

Haul truck bodies

Metso Truck Body is a light-weight truck body with unprecedented wear life.

Optimized haul truck bodies enable you to haul more with less. Metso Truck Body is a unique, one-piece, light-weight hybrid haul truck tray that combines the best of high strength steel and rubber. It is designed to lower hauling costs in addition offering a safer working environment and maximizing payload.
Higher payload
Higher payload

Metso Truck Body is 20-30% lighter than a conventional steel-lined truck body. This lets you haul more payload per round, improving operational efficiency.

Less maintenance

The rubber lining in Metso Truck Body lasts up to 6 times longer than conventional steel lining, drastically reducing the need for maintenance. And once it's time for maintenance, the elemental composition of the rubber lining means that only the worn parts of the lining need to be replaced. Thanks to the bolted fixing method, this is done quickly and easily without welding.


Less maintenance
Better working environment
Better working environment

Metso Truck Body is an investment in the well-being of your staff. Thanks to the rubber lining, Metso Truck Body is much more comfortable to drive than a conventional steel-lined truck body. The proven benefits include 50% less perceived noise and 97% less vibrations, which significantly improves the working environment for truck drivers.

No carry-back

Each Metso Truck Body is engineered with a customized lining solution fit for the specific requirements of the operation. This means that the body is suited for all applications. Sticky material that builds up in the truck body, also known as carry-back, can be prevented with Metso's Flexible Lining option. With no carry-back, the entire capacity of the truck can be fully utilized to haul payload, which further improves operational efficiency.

No carry-back
Better fuel economy
Better fuel economy

The lower weight of Metso Truck Body in combination with the increased payload equals a lower fuel consumption per hauled tonne. The benefits add up during return rounds when the truck is empty - it simply takes less fuel to move a lighter body.

Interested to know how much you could save in hauling costs with Metso Truck Body?

Maximized wear protection at the lowest possible weight

The elastic rubber in Metso Truck Body absorbs the energy of every impact during operation, preventing it from reaching the frame and thus allowing for a lighter-than-usual, high structural strength steel frame beneath the rubber. Thanks to this, the body can absorb maximum shock at the lowest possible weight.

Bolted rubber elements require no welding during maintenance

The rubber lining in Metso Truck Body consists of elements that are bolted in place, utilizing pre-welded studs. Worn elements can be changed individually, and replacing them requires no welding or oxycutting.

Up to 6 times longer wear life

High-quality rubber is excellent for damping impact and vibrations and is widely used to reduce stress and strain in different applications. Due to its high elasticity and material characteristics, the energy of an impact is efficiently absorbed into the rubber and spread out as heat.

The rubber lining in Metso Truck Body outlasts a conventional steel lining by up to 6 times. For best results, the lining in Metso Truck Body is always custom-engineered to fit your application. Different thicknesses can be used in different spots, depending on factors such as load angle and drop height.

Available for all major off-highway trucks in mining and quarrying

The charts below compare the typical weight and volume of an OEM body and a Metso Truck Body for a few select truck models. These are only basic examples - Metso Truck Body is available for all common truck models. Contact us to find out how much more it could haul in your operation!

Metso Truck Body weights compared to typical OEM body weights

Metso Truck Body volumes compared to typical OEM body volumes


Terrafame’s new truck body hauls 9 tonnes more payload

The mine in northern Finland chose Metso Truck Body for its cost efficiency and driver friendliness. The target is to reduce the need for truck maintenance, increase payload and improve driver working environment.

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Metso Truck Body is based on Metso's famous rubber truck bed lining, a solution with a successful track record of decades.
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