Metso Campaigns PumpDim™ Slurry Pump Selection
slurry pump selection

Slurry pump selection


Simple, fast, accurate slurry pump selection and system calculations.
slurry pump selection

Slurry pump selection

slurry pump selection

Motor and drive selection

slurry pump selection

Factors in solids density and size for accurate slurry calculations

slurry pump selection

Provides warnings for unsuitable configurations

PumpDim™ - select the right sized Metso pump for your application

To ensure that Metso slurry pumps offer maximum efficiency and optimized wear life, we provide a comprehensive software program called PumpDim™ that assists with slurry pump selection. PumpDim™ helps you quickly select the optimal Metso pump for your demanding process.

slurry pump selection
PumpDim™ Features
  • Critical flow velocity to avoid settling of particles in pipes
  • The complete pipe head loss system curve when the static head, pipes, fittings, and other components are specified
  • Pumping of froth when a froth factor is specified
  • Effect of solids on the generated pump head and pump efficiency
  • Recommends material for the pump wet end considering particle size and distribution
  • Selects pump size for the specified duty and calculates required pump speed
  • Calculates shaft deflection and bearing life at the duty point
  • Recommends motor size and drive
  • Calculates slurry density based on particle and liquid density, concentration, and tonnage
  • Calculates actual flow through an existing installation based on pipe system, slurry properties, and pump speed

The PumpDim™ tool also allows for collaboration with a Metso Outotec pump specialist if required to check over any tricky applications.

Getting Access to PumpDim™

PumpDim™ is a cloud application, so all you need is a web browser and access rights to access it. So there is no need to install anything extra, you can use it from anywhere with internet access, and you always have access to the latest application. Optimised to work with mobile phones and tablets for use in the field. PumpDim™ supports access in the following languages English, Spanish, Russian and Swedish.

You can make an access request for PumpDim™ to your local sales contact using link below.  When they receive your request, they will contact you to discuss your access request and the next steps.

slurry pump selection
slurry pump selection
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