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Digital & technology professionals

It's simple. The modern world's essential functions rely on minerals. We are talking about your mobile phone, hospital equipment and clean energy.

There is a pressing need for more sustainable approaches to mineral collection. Otherwise, we risk significant environmental degradation.

This is why we at Metso are one of the pioneers to bring intelligent instruments and software solutions to the mining industry. Solutions that help to reduce water and energy consumption and minimize waste.

Join the Metsonites and bring your skills to the table for an industry that really needs them!

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What it’s like to work in digital and tech at Metso

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Our digital journey
Our digital journey

We are making significant investments in digitalization.  
The groundwork for digitalization has been laid, there is momentum around building digital capabilities, and we're ready to roll full speed. In the upcoming years, we are looking to hire 100+ developers, architects, designers, data scientists, and many more. 

If you're excited to join our digital journey, let's talk!

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Our ambition is to remain at the forefront in terms of the technology and systems we offer our customers. It's very motivating to collaborate with the bright minds at Metso, all striving for the best possible solutions.
Matti Hietala, Senior Manager, Modeling & Simulation
Our tech & design stack

Our tech stack:
Azure cloud services, C#, TypeScript, React

Our data, analytics & AI stack:
Kafka datapipes, Snowflake + Streamlit, Python, SQL, PowerBI, Grafana, HEX, OpenAI + Azure Cognitive Search

Our design stack:
Figma, Zeroheight

We don't expect you to know everything. Having a passion for learning and improving is the key!

Our tech & design stack
Why should you join Metso as a digital and tech professional?

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"As UX designers for Metso Design System, we aim to be a partner in creating positive experiences, from user to customer and brand. It makes me happy to see ready made products using the Design System and seeing that together we can make it even better.” - Piia Alavesa, Product Owner, Design System 

"As a member of this visionary team, I embrace the challenge of engineering cloud services and the WearSense apps. I am fully immersed in full-stack development, from conceptual design to deployment, ensuring that our asset management capabilities provide unparalleled precision for our clients. It is exhilarating to witness how my expertise in full-stack engineering propels significant advancements in such a critical industry."  - Aziz Alzayed, Senior Software Developer 


Around 150 altogether. However, in the upcoming years, we are planning to expand our teams.


Some examples of what our teams work on:

- Metrics IoT & analytics solution to improve our customers' equipment performance 

- Geminex™ metallurgical digital twin powered by the HSC Chemistry simulator (which we also build) 

- Intelligent sensors such as FrothSense™, RockSense™ and MillSense™ 

- Metso Design System.


Our end-to-end development teams adhere to Agile and design thinking principles, prioritizing customer-centricity, continuous learning, and improvement over rigid frameworks.


We work hybrid. Often, we tend to spend around 2-3 days at the office and the rest of the days remotely.

Working with different teams provides excitement and valuable insights. We embrace our unique backgrounds and ways of working, and continuously improve our collaboration and agility.
Sarita Khanal, Scrum Master
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