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Jul 19, 2021

Overcoming topographic challenges with PrimeSite™ solution

Bruno Peix
Bruno Peix
VP, Systems AGG
Every aggregates plant is different and so is the journey of making it a reality. With 1000+ stationary plants implemented, we know what steps to take to make this journey easy, predictable and successful. Read on to better understand what is our PrimeSite™ solution and how it can help to overcome topographic challenges when building a new site.
Crushing and screening plant construction site
Crushing and screening plant erection process with PrimeSite™ solution

More than a plant delivery

Our approach to delivering complete stationary plants is encompassed by the PrimeSite™ solution . PrimeSite™ solution is a one-stop offering which includes every element needed when you are in need to setup a new stationary crushing and screening plant tailored to your specific needs. From process planning to engineering, equipment and after sales-support.

Anyone can sell different pieces but making them work together and deliver results is what we do. Our proven process expertise combined with open and honest communication with the customer is a key to a successful project. We are there with our customers from the very first idea to the operational and profitable plant and beyond. It is more than just the delivery of a plant. It is a joint journey together with our customer.

Typical goals

With the PrimeSite™ solution we can help our customers to achieve numerous goals and benefits. By working on a project from the very beginning, we can help to define the most efficient process to achieve the production requirements in terms of yield, aggregates quality, efficiency and production while controlling operating cost. 

We can design the plant as per our customer’s standards and requirements and provide compliance to local standards and requirements in terms of design and construction. And with continuous project and risk management, we are able to deliver the project within the investment budget and required timeline. Finally, we can accompany our customer along the lifetime of the plant with service, troubleshooting, technical assistance, etc.

Common steps to success

Our long experience in crushing and screening process and equipment has taught us what works and what doesn’t. We have been delivering complete stationary plants since the 1950s and by today we have delivered 1000+ projects in more than 50 countries and all climatic conditions – from +50°C to -50°C. While every project is different, there are common elements that make up an easy and predictable journey.

STEP 1 - Requirements and specification

STEP 2 - Plan and design

STEP 3 - Components production

STEP 4 - Shipping/logistics

STEP 5 - Installation and setup

STEP 6 - Testing and training

DURING THE PROJECT - Project and risk management

OVER THE LIFETIME OF THE PLANT - Continuous service and support

Metso Outotec crushing station construction
Metso Outotec crushing station construction

PrimeSite™ solution in action

One of the most recent, and still ongoing, PrimeSite™ solution projects is underway in our customer’s quarry in Serbia. Due to difficult geographical site conditions, the plant erection had to be done in an unusual order, but let’s start from the beginning.

Back in 2019, a new high-speed railway project in Serbia created a major need for ballast production from several hard rock quarries in the country. Our customer took this opportunity to extend the plant and its capacity by building a new stationary crushing and screening plant. This plant had to replace the nearby and outdated current crushing and screening plant.

The project scope was to deliver a complete crushing and screening plant that would have a capacity of 400 T/h. The new plant had to produce 7 types of end products including washed sand from a 0-700 T/h andesite feed material.

The new plant designed with PrimeSite™ solution is a bespoke plant but also a combination of NordPlant EU and NordPlant One modules including VF561-2V vibrating feeder, TK13-20 feeder unit, Nordberg® C130 jaw crusher, 2x Nordberg ® HP300 cone crushers, 2x CVB2060 inclined screens, TS3.3 banana screen, SF2360, conveyors, steel structures and hoppers. The scope also includes automation, electrical material, supervision of mechanical installation and commissioning.

Metso Outotec CVB2060 inclined screens
Metso Outotec screening station construction

Erecting site in a reversed order

The main challenge in this project was a very specific site topography. The new site is located on a steep mountain ridge which leaves very limited space for material storage, installation and lifting equipment. Below zero temperatures and large amounts of snow also played their part.

After careful planning, a decision was made to erect the new site in a reversed order due to actual conditions on site. We started from the last process phase and come back towards the primary crushing phase. This meant that everything, from logistics to the actual construction, had to be planned and implemented with high precision to complete the project within a set timeline and budget.

The first step was to control customer’s concrete foundations for all planned structures. Once this was done, we have started from the screening station installation - 2x CVB2060 inclined screens and TS3.3 banana screen. Then we moved on to assembling the 2x Nordberg ® HP300 cone crushers for the crushing station. With cone crushers in place, we proceeded to the primary crushing station and installed Nordberg® C130 jaw crusher with VF561-2V vibrating feeder and TK13-20 feeder unit. Finally, conveyors and all remaining parts were installed.

All of this was made possible thanks to the PrimeSite™ solution - we were with the customer from the very beginning and were able to identify possible bottlenecks in the commissioning phase and overcome them with careful planning.

After a 6-month latency due to Covid19 restrictions, the project is planned to end in Autumn 2021. We will update this article when the project is completed. 

Stay tuned to discover erection phases to come!

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