Metso Full portfolio PrimeSite™ - tailored crushing and screening plants
PrimeSite Tailored crushing and screening plants


Tailored crushing and screening plants

PrimeSite™ is your one-stop offering which includes every element needed when you are in need to setup a new stationary crushing and screening plant tailored to your specific needs. From process planning to engineering, equipment and after sales support, we will take you to your goal and make your vision a reality.

Extensive engineering and process competence

High quality product and reliable equipment with guaranteed performances

Global supply chain network and project management expertise

Delivers efficiency, reliability and availability of the plant

From vision to rock solid reality

The journey from a newly established, greenfield aggregates crushing and screening plant to a functional, profitable business is never an easy one. There are more than enough varying elements concerning markets, legislation and many decisions along the way. But with the right partner by your side, your part of the journey becomes much easier.

Metso has seen through several projects from a fuzzy idea to a blooming plant. Our long experience in crushing and screening process and equipment has taught us what works and what doesn’t. Our technological innovations make sure your new stationary plant is cutting edge – and stays that way.

primesite tailored plant solution
Our approach to a successful stationary plant project
PrimeSite Tailored crushing and screening plants
The complete journey

By having us team up with you from the very beginning and deliver a fully tailored aggregates crushing and screening plant, no compromises will be made.

Your PrimeSite™ solution from Metso will be fully tailored specific to your needs.

Standardized modules, fast deliveries

An option for the fully customized delivery, our offering includes a selection of standardized modules. These pre-engineered modules fit into different stages of the crushing process, offering a fast-to-implement solution compared to a fully customized delivery. 

The standardized modules are based on high-quality and field-proven technology and comply with the most strict safety and environmental regulations (such as CE compliant).

PrimeSite Tailored crushing and screening plants
PrimeSite Tailored crushing and screening plants
CAMEOS: Supercharge your production

Rely on the know-how of Metso in control-command.
Our electrical design is proven and recognized for its reliability around the world.
Our user-friendly interface combines simplicity, availability, optimized regulations and comprehensive message history to help maintenance.
Our state-of-the-art process control software will allow you to get the best performance from your investments for years.

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