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Mar 25, 2022

Making an environmental impact with our Planet Positive offering

Piia Karhu
Piia Karhu
SVP, Business Development
Environmental issues are an integral part of Metso Outotec’s sustainability agenda because climate change is one of the biggest challenges to sustaining our way of life; and it’s also a big challenge for our customer industries. Our customers in the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries are demanding more efficient and sustainable solutions to reach their ambitious climate targets and to meet the fast-growing demand for strategic raw materials and battery metals. At the same time, the legislation and public opinion are driving the change. With our Planet Positive offering, we are making an impact together with our customers.

For the world to reach net-zero emissions, a major transformation in our customer industries is needed: accelerating the shift towards electrification, moving to renewable energy sources, increasing usage of low carbon technologies and continuous efficiency improvement. Global electrification and industrial decarbonization will increase the worldwide demand for metals, e.g. copper, nickel, and lithium, further challenging our customers’ production.

As a major equipment supplier, our priority is to support our customers with required production growth and that our customers can meet increasing stakeholder sustainability demands e.g. water and energy efficiency, circularity and safety. At Metso Outotec, we can create the biggest positive change by supporting our customers in their sustainability ambitions and by working together for more sustainable processes.


Planet Positive offering strives for environmental benefits – approach is data-based and emphasizes transparency

Central to our sustainability efforts is our Planet Positive offering – over 100 products that are better than alternatives from the customers’ environmental footprint perspective e.g. more energy, emission or water-efficient. Planet Positive products also help our customers to achieve other priorities, such as circularity or safety, and take embedded carbon into consideration, i.e. the carbon emitted in manufacturing and delivering the products. In 2021, our Planet Positive sales totaled EUR 592 million, including capital equipment and consumables, and we aim to grow the sales faster than our overall sales.

We put a lot of effort into making sure we base our actions on data and facts. To qualify for the Planet Positive label, we have defined explicit thresholds for the level of performance a product has to offer when compared with industry benchmark technologies. We chose the thresholds to ensure that Planet Positive products can make a meaningful contribution to the climate change targets that our customers are committed to, on the way to net-zero by 2050. In addition, there are always those must-have requirements: a Planet Positive product needs to be as good, or preferably better than the industry benchmark product, in terms of health and safety, pollution, and biodiversity impact.

In 2021, we had in total 16 launches and several portfolio updates in our Planet Positive offering. These included both new technology and offering for new customer segments, as well as updating existing product families. With our R&D efforts, we are committed to supporting the rapid changes needed in our industries. That’s why 100% of our R&D project spend must have a sustainability target related to energy, emissions, water, circularity or safety. In 2021, 95% of the projects measured in spend already included these targets.

Our Planet Positive Services offering

We offer sustainable solutions for our customers across the site and equipment lifecycle. For example, modernization of equipment or process optimization can enable increased energy efficiency, reducing or eliminating the water supply needs, and extending equipment life. Preventive maintenance reduces downtime, energy and water consumption, and extends equipment life. Most service solutions offer great sustainability benefits.

Our team is committed to doing what’s most sustainable for our customers’ processes. Our journey continues: We are Planet Positive and we do this together with our customers.

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