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Jul 2, 2021

Circularity: unlocking the value of electronic scrap by sustainable recycling

A circular economy means making the most of the scarce resources on our planet and minimizing waste with closed loops, resource efficiency, and good product development.

We can impact resource scarcity, waste, emissions, and energy consumption in many ways, and the methods are continuously developing. At Metso Outotec, supporting circularity is an important part of our new business models. One of our circular economy solutions is focused on the recycling of electronic scrap.

E-scrap is one of the fastest growing waste streams worldwide. At the same time, primary raw materials are being depleted. The increasing complexity of e-scrap, the need for safe and environmentally friendly recycling, and the reuse of valuable raw materials are of paramount importance.

The printed circuit boards and electronic devices defined as e-scrap contain copper, gold, and other valuable metals, which, when properly treated, can be recycled and reused.

Safe and sustainable processing of e-scrap

To safely and efficiently treat e-scrap, it is important to use automated smelting solutions that are complemented with highly efficient gas cleaning and wastewater treatment. Compliance with the strictest environmental regulations is essential.

Metso Outotec offers an optimal process solution with high recovery and availability for a wide variety of secondary raw materials and even for the refined metal product.

Customers who are looking for a reliable partner to work with on the development of a complete e-scrap treatment process flowsheet, technology, commissioning, and advisory services will find Metso Outotec to be an industry-leading partner.

Metso Outotec’s work with a major mining company in Europe to expand their e-scrap smelting capabilities is just one example. The delivery for that expansion also included a Kaldo furnace as the main smelting unit. The process is still operating successfully nearly ten years later.

By turning waste into valuable metals, our solutions help to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities being created now for the circular economy of today and the future. We are committed to the 1.5 °C journey in line with the Paris Agreement, and our Planet Positive thinking is inherent in our eScrap offering.

Metso Outotec’s offering of eScrap solutions consists of the following plant products:

Unlocking the value of electronic scrap
Introducing leading-edge eScrap solutions