Metso Full portfolio Precious Metals Refinery
Ensure high recovery, low operating costs, and high-quality products. The recovery and refining processes are highly automated, offering a safe working environment and zero toxic gas emissions.
  • Enables high recovery of valuable metals    
  • Ensures high-quality products (>99.99% for gold and silver)    
  • Allows a short process time and low inventory    
  • Results in low operating and maintenance costs    
  • Enables environmentally friendly operations    
  • Gives high energy efficiency    
  • Increases recovery of valuable by-products
precious metals plant

Metso's Outotec Precious Metals Refinery is commonly used for treating copper anode slime for precious metals recovery and refining. It can also be used for other similar materials such as lead anode slime and other materials containing precious metals. The process can be tailored for plants consisting of multiple unit processes such as copper leaching, telluride recovery, smelting, converting, wet gas cleaning with selenium recovery, selenium roasting, refining of silver, gold, and platinum group metals, as well as selenium and waste water treatment.

Metso's Outotec Precious Metals Refinery is always optimized for each application and customized based on your specific processing needs. Engineering, delivery, and operation of the total solution are backed by our vast know-how and available support services in precious metals plant design.

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Metals refining
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Metals refining


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