Find the answer to declining ore grades or stricter environmental restrictions with a gas cleaning plant solution that takes into account your complete process chain. From hot and wet gas cleaning to the sulfuric acid plant and acid production, we use our proven expertise to develop the most technologically efficient and economically sustainable solution for your application.
  • Comes from unique process chain expertise, from ore to metal    
  • Handles very high levels of impurities including arsenic, mercury, and fluorides    
  • Optimizes process and equipment to minimize power and water consumption    
  • Offers easy operation and maintenance
gas cleaning plant

Our portfolio includes proven technology and proprietary equipment for wet gas cleaning. Our capabilities cover both new plants and the modernization and debottlenecking of existing facilities.

  • Quenching and scrubbing (Metso OtoVent, Metso Conturi, high efficiency scrubber)    
  • Gas cooling tower    
  • Fine dust and mist elimination (stainless steel and plastic wet electrostatic precipitators)    
  • Fluoride removal    
  • Mercury removal (including Boliden-Norzinc process, selenium filter)    
  • Arsenic removal    
  • Tail-gas treatment (peracidox scrubber)
Metso Sampling station

Sampling Station

The Metso Sampling Station is a ventilated cabinet where process liquids can be sampled in a safe manner. Sampling of liquids in metallurgical process plants serve many purposes, such as improving the understanding of the operation, assisting with troubleshooting and optimizing the operation.

Generally, liquids in metallurgical process plants contain many hazardous substances, and sampling them constitutes a risk. The Metso Sampling Station is developed to reduce this risk, making sampling and maintenance of specific instruments more convenient.


Sampling process
  1. The operator ensures the ventilation in the cabinet is functioning
  2. The sample is taken according to the type of sampling valve used
  3. Sampling bottles are stored and can be cleaned in the cabinet using the installed fresh water supply
  4. Excess liquid is disposed in the drain of the cabinet.

Instruments that require frequent cleaning and calibration can also conveniently be positioned in the sampling station, facilitating maintenance and reducing the risk for exposure to personnel.


Metso Sampling Station

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