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Oct 21, 2021

How to ensure seamless performance and certainty in concentrator plant units

Jesse Ting
Jesse Ting
Product Manager, Stirred Mill Islands
Approximately 50% to 70% of the energy consumed in a typical mineral processing plant is spent on grinding. Therefore, it is crucial to select the best process and technology to minimize energy consumption while processing non-valuable ores.
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Core stumbling blocks of the mining industry

Every mining operation has a unique grinding process, but the industry is seeking a way to reduce production costs and carbon footprint by implementing more energy efficient fine regrinding solutions. Besides the energy savings, the fine regrinding solution provides a leading edge in enhancing metallurgical efficiency and quality for a wide variety of complex ore bodies.

However, the majority of the mine sites are finding difficulty in shifting the onus on performance ownership from concept to execution. With the growing complexities in the plant design and project-specific regulations, many projects face the risk associated with over/under-estimated MTOs due to a lack of know-how or expertise to deliver integrated high-performance plants. A prolonged execution period is one of many factors leading to cost escalation.

A blueprint for future

At Metso, we know that the only real measure of our worth is in the results we deliver to our customers. As a technology provider in many high-profile fine grinding and classification solution projects, Metso identifies the need to break through the traditional project execution concept which is constrained by limited integration capabilities of various stakeholders in managing the life cycle operations (O&M).

Stirred mill is the key solution in minerals processing for fine or ultrafine grinding. Metso offers a clear regrinding scope and repeatable solution which includes slurry classification, grinding, slurry pumping, and particle analysis. Stirred mill plant units offer a simplified design and supply concept using the “coarse slurry in and fine slurry out” mindset.

"A complete solution in fine grinding with the concept of “coarse slurry in, fine slurry out.”
Metso vertimill stirred mill plant units rendering images

Enabling seamless performance and assured certainty

For most projects or upgrades, the challenges can vary greatly, but the most critical factor can be the recovery rate and throughput of any concentrator. At Metso, the industry’s best experts and solutions combine an unparalleled package that is capable to execute projects in timebound manner but most importantly with much needed certainty that is the key challenge in today’s operating environment.

Our solutions provide industry leading capabilities from concept to execution - feasibility studies, R&D, test work, planning, engineering, leading products, project management, and life cycle services.

We offer a wide portfolio of stirred milling technologies: Vertimill®, HIGmill™, and Stirred Media Detritor (SMD).

The core differentiators

Pre-engineered modules ensuring the highest quality control, easy transport, and fast site installation

Standalone solution allowing the stirred mill plant being constructed, commissioned, and ramp up with the aim to minimize the interruption to the existing operating plant up to slurry commissioning and integration with DCS

Optimized site construction planning with modular concept with the aim to improve site installation safety and short erecting duration

Superior quality in fabrication with the method of trial assembled before dispatch to site

Safe and superior plant design using industrial best practice (such as SiD, HAZOP and CHAZOP)

Lower project risk with proven technology and vast experience in plant solution delivery

Extensive testwork capability allowing customers to access testwork for accurate mill sizing and potential performance guarantee

Proven technology in stirred milling in all type of minerals and application gives a peace of mind in operation

Performance guarantee of the combined solution of classification, grinding and particle analysis to mitigate client project risk

Driven by excellence

Metso leads stirred milling innovations and continues to be the industry standard in performance. Our concentrator plant units bring flexibility and certainty to the forefront with industry leading plant configurations that seamlessly integrate your operational performance and assure profitability with optimum risk management​.

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