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The Vertimill® is globally recognized as an energy efficient grinding mill. Through a low total cost of ownership, it brings substantial improvement to the profitability of concentrators. During the years, Vertimill® technology has proven to be efficient especially in secondary and tertiary grinding, regrinding, fine grinding, and lime slaking applications.

Lower capital cost

50% less footprint compared to ball mill

Lower operating cost

40% higher energy efficiency

Versatile applications

Capable of handling multiple feed sizes up to 6 mm and grinding to products less than 20 microns.

Support from experts

Over 4 decades of successful Vertimill® installations

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The Metso Vertimill® is known to provide superior efficiency with high throughputs and a low plant footprint. 

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Metso Vertimill® - Energy efficient gravity induced mill

Vertimill® is a unique product offered exclusively by Metso. Grinding efficiency, reduced media consumption, lower installation cost, minimal maintenance, and minimal liner wear make Vertimill® the lowest total cost of ownership in many applications, substantially improving the profitability of concentrators.

Mechanically, Vertimill® is a simple machine with an agitating screw suspended into the grinding chamber, supported by spherical roller bearings and driven by a fixed speed motor through a planetary gearbox.

The capacity of each unit size is relative to the required power input for the intended grind, however, mills have been operated with throughputs exceeding 750 mtph.

Lower capital cost

Vertimill® requires a simple and small foundation, which means less floor space is required. In fact, in the same application a Vertimill® has 50% less footprint than a ball mill.

Lower operating cost

Vertimill® is an energy efficient grinding machine. They tend to grind more efficiently than, for example, ball mills with feeds as coarse as 6 mm to products finer than 20 microns. This provides up to a 40% higher energy efficiency

With the Vertimill® simple and robust design, limited liner replacement is required. This also allows for up to 95% or greater uptime for more productivity and profitability.

Versatile applications

Vertimill® has proven to be a versatile tool that exhibits many advantages over traditional ball milling in various applications.

It is capable of handling a wide range of feed sizes typically from 400 to 90 microns.

Support from Metso experts

Metso draws from more than 100 years of mill design and manufacturing expertise, and over four decades of successful Vertimill® applications.

Our engineers will review your specifications and recommend the proper Vertimill® for your application.

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Introducing the Vertimill® 7000

The world’s most reliable stirred mill just got bigger. Developed as a solution to lower capital expenditure, the Vertimill® 7000’s much larger size allows for more available power. One Vertimill 7000 grinding mill, replaces the need for multiple smaller Vertimill grinding mills to achieve the same power output.

Key benefits:

  • Over 50% more power than previous models
  • The same high energy efficiency
  • Double door access
vertimill 7000

How does Vertimill® work?

Vertimill® is typically arranged in closed circuit and fed by the cyclone underflow. The motor power turns the Vertimill® screw at constant speed to stir the grinding balls and slurry.

As the particles are ground, they rise to the top of the mill and overflow into the separating tank. A change in the rotational direction of the slurry when it transitions from the mill to the separating tank causes turbulence which facilitates a settling of the coarser material.

Product from the mill exits the tank through a stand pipe and then to the cyclone sump. The slightly coarser portion of the mill overflow is recycled back into the bottom of the Vertimill®.

The recycle system can reduce cyclone circulating load by allowing the mill to preferentially grind the coarser material. Also, the uprising velocity in the mill can be controlled by a recycle pump to affect the product size distribution, prevent over grinding, and reduce the circulating load from the cyclone.

Final product size is a factor of applied grinding power, flow rate, and slurry density. The effective operation of the Vertimill® requires these parameters to be accurately and constantly monitored and adjusted to meet the required product specifications.

Motor power and media addition

The power drawn by the Vertimill motor is required to establish the grinding rate. Motor power should be measured using corrected power.

As the grinding media wears fine enough to be carried out by the uprising velocity in the mill, the total media charge will diminish, and the power draw will decrease.

Consistent power draw is required to achieve the desired product size, so media should be added either manually or automatically periodically to maintain as consistent a power draw as possible.

Vertimill® has an excellent turndown ratio and can be operated at lower than installed power with less effect on grind efficiency than for example horizontal ball mills.

Feed Flow-Rate

This parameter is used in conjunction with the feed density and motor power to establish the grinding rate in kWh/mt.

Vertimill®can easily handle a fluctuating flow but it should be monitored and can be varied to achieve required product requirement.

Feed Density

The feed density is required, in conjunction with the feed flow-rate, to establish the feed rate of solids.

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VertiSense™ is a digital solution for Vertimill® stirred milling technology. It is a novel system designed to enhance the grinding process in Vertimill® that enables the wear monitoring of screw liners in real time and maximize operational efficiency through intuitive software and analytics.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to install, maintain and use
  • Optimizes efficiency by ensuring wear parts are being replaced at the best time
  • Minimizes unplanned maintenance downtimes and promotes better planning
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Metso concentrator plant units bring flexibility & certainty to the forefront with industry leading plant configurations that seamlessly integrate operational performance and assure profitability with optimum risk management.
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