Metso Full portfolio Stirred Mill Plant Units
Vertimill® Plant Unit

Stirred Mill Plant Units

Seamless performance, assured certainty

Metso concentrator plant units bring flexibility & certainty to the forefront with industry leading plant configurations that seamlessly integrate operational performance and assure profitability with optimum risk management.

Pre-engineered modular plant

ensuring the highest quality control, easy transport & fast site installation

Performance guarantee

combined solution of classification, grinding and particle analysis to mitigate client project risk

Safe & superior plant design

based on industrial best practice (such as SiD, HAZOP and CHAZOP)

Testwork capabilites

comprehensive testwork in our technology centers

Mining industry’s core stumbling blocks

With fine regrinding solutions, several mineral processing projects or existing operations are able to improve metallurgical efficiencies and quality for various complex ore bodies. However, majority of mine sites are finding difficulty in shifting onus on performance ownership from concept to execution. With growing complexities in plant design and project specific regulations, many projects face the risk associated with over/under-estimated MTOs due to lack of know-how or expertise to deliver integrated high performance plant. A prolonged execution period is one of many factors leading to cost escalation.

As a technology provider in major fine grinding and classification solution projects, Metso identifies the need to break through the traditional project execution concept which is constrained by limited interation capabilities of various stakeholders in managing the life cycle operations (O&M).

A complete solution scope for fine grinding

Stirred mill is the key solution in minerals processing for fine or ultrafine grinding. Metso offer a clear regrinding scope and repeatable solution which includes slurry classification, grinding, slurry pumping and particle analysis.

  • Vertimill® or HIGmill™
  • MHC™ Hydrocyclone
  • Sump and pump
  • Sampler
  • Particle size analyzer
  • Media crane
  • Steel modules
  • Switch room
  • Pipes, valves, instruments, and control system
  • Local engineering and sourcing support
  • Site advisory services
Vertimill plant unit
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Stirred Mill Plant Units portfolio

Metso leads stirred milling innovations and continues to be the industry standard in performance. We offer a wide portfolio of stirred milling technologies: Vertimill®, HIGmill™, and Stirred Media Detritor (SMD).

Metso stirred mills are part of the Planet Positive product portfolio, which apply the mill input energy to liberate mineral in a sustainable manner. By adding Metso classification, pumping and automation technologies, the fine grinding solution aims to take sustainability to another level by optimizing the usage of energy, water, grinding media and consumables. 

Vertimill® Plant Unit

The Vertimill® is globally recognized as an energy efficient grinding mill. Through a low total cost of ownership, it brings substantial improvement to the profitability of concentrators. They tend to grind more efficiently than, for example, ball mills with feeds as coarse as 6 mm to products finer than 20 microns, providing up to 40% higher energy efficiency.

Vertimill® - Metso (

Main equipment and components:

Vertimill® Plant Unit
HIGmill™ Plant Unit
HIGmill™ Plant Unit

The Metso HIGmill™ is an advanced, energy-efficient fine and ultra-fine grinding solution that utilizes proven technology. The plant unit is complemented with all auxillary equipment for optimised performance.

HIGmill high intensity grinding mill - Metso (

Equipment and main components:

Comprehensive testwork capabilities

Metso offers comprehensive testwork program in many strategic laboratories around the globe. The key objective of testwork is to provide guarantee mill and plant performance with the scalable test result on the ore.

testwork capabilities
Stirred mill plant unit
Article: How to ensure seamless performance and certainty in concentrator plant units


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Horizontal mill plant units
Horizontal Mill Plant Units offer complete support in grinding circuit selection, as well as execution, service and operation.
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