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Dec 11, 2023

Sustainability in action at Metso: A conversation with David Tulloch and Noora Markkanen

In an industry that is integral to the fabrics of the modern world, potential customers come to Metso to seek solutions -. Solutions that enable sustainable life. In this dialogue with Director, Minerals Sales Asia Pacific, David, and Senior Manager, Sustainability, Noora, we delve into the intersection of their roles at Metso with sustainability, and Metso’s commitment towards a greener future.
David Tulloch and Noora Markkanen
David Tulloch and Noora Markkanen

Embarking on a sustainable journey 

“Being a father to 2 children, I am mindful of the world they will inherit from previous generations. It has made me evaluate how we live, use energy, behave, and consume”, David expresses. A sentiment that both David and Noora share as parents, and the thread that connects their personal values to those of Metso’s.  

For Noora, sustainability became her mission in her early 20s. Now “with a four-year-old, the urgency to secure a sustainable future for the next generation becomes even more pressing”. Equipped with degrees in Environmental Engineering and Corporate Environmental Management, together with 9 years of work experience in sustainability, Noora’s path led her to Metso in May 2023: 

“Joining Metso has broadened my perspective. The impacts our solutions have on the environment are more meaningful than I initially thought. As a Senior Manager in Sustainability, I work closely with business lines and corporate teams to create strategies and coordinate efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. Collaborations with David’s team, for example, is pivotal for success.” 

Similar to Noora, David’s journey with sustainability stemmed from his studies. From a Metallurgist career at Newmont to leading Metso’s Minerals’ front-end sales team in Asia Pacific, David has seen firsthand the evolution of sustainability within the industry. “Metso was always on my radar, first as a customer and a peer company, before joining the team. Now at Metso, my team is tasked with helping our customers find the most efficient solutions that bring the most value while minimizing the negative environmental impact.” 

A glimpse into Metso’s sustainability agenda 

At Metso, sustainability is embedded in our strategy. From small everyday initiatives to large-scale industrial innovations that optimize efficiency and reduce waste, we aim to practice what we preach. David recalls his last visit to Finland where “sustainability was prominent at Metso’s office”, noting that “multiple trash bins for waste separation and automatic lights turning off as you leave the room”. While seemingly minor, Noora and David all agree that these sustainability practices can have an impact on shaping people’s thoughts and behaviors. 

Metso’s sustainability commitment is also showcased through our Planet-Positive portfolio, Life Cycle Service contracts, and continuous research and development. “We have several different product solutions that help cut down energy and water consumption, and we actively work with clients to reduce their emissions”, Noora explains.  

As an example, “our paper presented at the MetPlant Conference 2023 titled ‘Optimising Process Performance of Existing Thickeners and Clarifiers with Technology’ discusses our innovative new thickener feed system ‘Reactorwell’. It's an innovation based on our previous Vane Feedwell development, emphasizing our dedication to continual improvements”, David adds. Co-authored with a customer, the paper outlines how Reactorwell enabled higher capacity, reduced water use, and improved process stability as well as safety. 

We have a responsibility to this Earth. A big part of our mission is to maintain our innovative edge and continue finding better ways for our customers to produce the needed minerals and metals. By better I mean, more efficient from energy and water consumption perspectives, safer in operation, and the ability to reuse or repurpose products at the end of their life.
David Tulloch, Director, Minerals Sales Asia Pacific

The future of sustainable mining needs expertise and young talents 

“As we cultivate a culture of sustainability at Metso, education will be of the utmost importance”, Noora underlines. How we approach sustainability and our ways of thinking will change. Sustainability is not confined to a department or a few experts, it is everyone’s responsibility.  

Noora highlights that there is a need to bridge the knowledge gap internally, as well as externally with suppliers and other stakeholders: “We will hold trainings that aim to raise both the level of understanding and comfort when discussing sustainability issues”. David’s team of Technology Managers, with an average of over 20 years of industry experience, play a key role when it comes to supporting clients with their mineral/ metal production flowsheets, “helping to minimize operating inputs such as energy, water and reagents, as well as plant footprints”.  

The mining industry can gather a lot of attention, and unfortunately those attentions aren’t always positive. It’s becoming more challenging to get people interested in studying this field. “The future of sustainable mining needs expertises and young talents”, David stresses. He explains that “from a career perspective, this is an industry that offers a great deal of opportunities and learning possibilities.” Additionally, “endless opportunities to make significant impact”, Noora adds. “The processes we are involved in are energy intensive, and if we can create solutions that minimize even a fraction of the energy used, it can already make a massive difference”. 


The processes we are involved in are energy intensive, and if we can create solutions that minimize even a fraction of the energy used, it can already make a massive difference.
Noora Markkanen, Senior Manager, Sustainability

At Metso, sustainability is a collective journey. Whether you work in Sales, as a Software Developer, or as a Metallurgist - your actions and decisions are contributing to building a legacy for tomorrow. Noora and David’s story represents Metso’s commitment to sustainability - a commitment that goes beyond corporate mandates, permeating personal values, and influencing the industry's future. 

The sustainability agenda is not only a top strategic priority for Metso, but also for our customers and shareholders. We have the history and know-how, but we will not stop there. Our purpose pushes us to continuously research and educate. It is all hands-on deck as we work towards limiting global warming to 1.5°C.  

We are building a culture of environmental responsibility, and we warmly welcome you to join us on this mission! 

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