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A leap forward in performance

Metso redefines industry's sustainability targets with the Reactorwell™, a first-class feed system that maximizes thickener performance while minimizing flocculant consumption and bringing significant cost efficiencies to your operations.

Technology that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

total cost ownership
Cost excellence

Minimized need for pumped dilution & lower flocculant usage

Solid performance

Better thickener operability & improved response to process changes

Available as an upgrade

Compatible with most makes of thickeners for integratration into existing mining operations

Minimized environmental impact

Lower flocculant usage

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reactorwell thickener
Innovation leap

A new generation feedwell with high solids retention & mixing efficiency that eliminates feed short-circuiting. It offers low shear for ideal floccule growth, even discharge symmetry & excellent feed preparation. As part of Planet Positive, the Reactorwell™ ensures low flocculant usage.

  • Has a unique channel and mixing jet design
  • Optimized with hundreds of industry leading CFD simulations
  • Covered by multiple global patents

How does it work?

  • Feed first enters the feed channel & is distributed evenly through the mixing nozzles
  • Dilution water flash mixes with the feed, achieving optimum percent feedwell solids concentration
  • Flocculant is introduced outside of the feed channel, where it gently mixes to form aggregates in a low shear environment
Unparalleled performance

The Reactorwell enables maximum thickener usage due to a higher exit symmetry, resulting in better thickener operability & improved response to process changes. It also enables improved overflow clarity with higher underflow density.

  • Performs exceptionally well in process scenerios where many current Feedwells struggle
  • Pictured is a 6m Reactorwell with incoming feed of 48% solids diluted to 10% without pumped dilution required
  • >90% of the volume is utilised for floccule growth
  • Delivers well mixed & evenly distributed exit flows even with large feedwells (>6m) & across a large solids fraction range
  • Many feedwell designs promise good symmetry but this is achieved with easier applications (small feedwells, no dilution, low feed % solids)
reactorwell thickener
reactorwell thickener
Cost excellence

Due to its intelligent design and modularity, the Reactorwell™ is easy to maintain. It consistently achieves high unit area throughput. The improved Autodil™ performance minimizes the need for pumped dilution. This all leads to a low total cost of ownership.

  • Flocculant usage is one of the highest running costs for a thickener. The Reactorwell™ features are proven to lower thickener running costs and has a lower environmental impact
  • Easy to maintain since the feed trough can be removed and replaced; maintenance can be more difficult with existing feedwell designs
A versatile high-performance upgrade

The Reactorwell’s design allows it to be integrated into existing mining operations as an upgrade that is compatible with most makes of thickeners. We offer expertise and support to retrofit existing infrastructure without major modifications. Read more here >>

The Reactorwell can also be upgraded to a new channel configuration if process conditions significantly change.

A versatile high-performance upgrade
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