Metso Insights Case studies Aggregates Capacity up, fuel costs down with Lokotrack LT1213 at Bierbrauer & Sohn, Germany
Jan 28, 2016

Capacity up, fuel costs down with Lokotrack LT1213 at Bierbrauer & Sohn, Germany

Keeping crushing equipment updated is one way to save on operating costs in crushing contracting. This is easy to authenticate with the German Bierbrauer & Sohn GmbH’s all-new Lokotrack LT1213 impactor plant. The new unit consumes less fuel than its smaller predecessor and simultaneously lifts the operational capacity to a higher level.
Metso's Lokotrack LT1213 at Bierbrauer site

“After starting asphalt recycling with our new LT1213™ impactor plant, we have verified a fuel consumption of 24 liters per hour, which is much less than with our older and smaller impactor plant,” comments Managing Director Karl-Werner Bierbrauer.

“Simultaneously, the LT1213 clearly increases our capacity, producing up to 250 metric tons per hour. This really adds cost-efficiency and productivity in our operations,” Bierbrauer notes.

A diversified company

Founded in 1985 and based in Kretz, south of Cologne, Bierbrauer & Sohn GmbH can really be called a diversified company. Besides crushing contracting, including recycling, the company is active in renting equipment, selling second-hand machines, earthmoving and transportation.

Today, the company crushes 350,000–400,000 tons per year, which includes supporting stationary plants and the handling of recycle crushing contracts. The local stone around Kretz is challenging to crush because of a mixture of layered lava and basalt.

“We also accept and handle small contracts, which is important. For successful operations, we need reliable machinery that is easy to operate and move. A big plus is our professional personnel with their many years of experience and their skills,” Karl-Werner Bierbrauer stresses.     

“It’s easy to work with Metso and Fischer-Jung”

Bierbrauer has cooperated with Metso for over a decade and, during recent years, also with Metso’s German distributor Fischer & Jung.

“Our cooperation has been easy. Metso machines are solid, spares and wear readily available, and the right people easy to reach by phone. We do the basic servicing ourselves, but all special tasks are handled by Fischer & Jung,” Bierbrauer says.

Today, Bierbrauer & Sohn owns seven different Lokotrack plants, two LT96™’s, an LT106™, LT1110™, LT200HP™, ST3.5™ mobile screen and, the newest addition, the LT1213 impactor plant.

Metso's ST3.5 mobile screen at Bierbrauer site

Fuel savings and good cubicity with Lokotrack plants

With its Lokotrack fleet, Bierbrauer & Sohn is going after solutions that can add economy and quality.

Therefore, the new LT1213’s stand-by function that automatically lowers the rpm of diesel motor when the feeder is empty, is warmly welcomed.

“Besides the well-designed hydraulics and crusher drive, the stand-by function lowers the fuel consumption. Our wish for added capacity seems to be fulfilled, too. The first asphalt recycling contract shows that the productivity of the LT1213 really is at a new, higher level,” Bierbrauer notes.

High quality and good cubicity are becoming increasingly crucial issues when producing aggregates grades for cement production.

“For this, the Lokotrack LT106 jaw and LT200HP cone plant combination is a perfect fit, securing truly superior end products,” Karl-Werner Bierbrauer underlines.

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