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Loading and hauling solutions

Loading and hauling

By pushing the boundaries of payload management, we help your business to achieve more. And beyond.

Did you know that truck hauling can account for up to 60% of a mine’s operating costs? Optimizing your payload management processes can make a significant impact on the profitability and sustainability of your entire operation.
Häggblom is now part of Metso

Häggblom is now part of Metso

And with that, the final piece of the puzzle in Metso's unique ability to offer a complete payload management solution.

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Increased uptime

Our solutions minimize wear
and maintenance, preventing unnecessary and unplanned downtime.

Loading and hauling solutions
One partner

We have what it takes to optimize all parts of your loading and hauling operation, making us the only partner you need.

Sustainable payload management

Our unique solutions prolong the life of your haul trucks and truck bodies and lower fuel consumption.


A rubber-lined truck body hauls
nearly 9 tonnes more payload while
reducing noise and vibration. 

We help optimize your payload

At Metso, we focus on your entire process, providing a complete solution. We deliver products built to perform, ranging from standard components to highly customized solutions. We offer the latest in digital monitoring and support through continuous inspections and services. As your partner, we help optimize your loading with the right set of tools, ensure that your loaders and haul truck bodies are utilized to the maximum and minimize your business’s environmental impact.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

If your bucket and truck body aren’t perfectly matched in terms of fit, you won’t be able to use either to their full potential. And no matter how much material you can load, if the bed lining causes the material to stick, it will result in costly carry-back.

Do you understand how the different links of your loading and hauling chain work together? Partnering with Metso provides you with a comprehensive payload management solution that ensures all applications and process components work seamlessly and deliver optimal output.

One-stop partner
  • Truck bodies for mining and aggregates
  • Long-lasting truck bed rubber and metallic liners
  • High-quality buckets for various applications
  • Ground engaging tools (GET)
  • High-resistant wear parts
  • Sustainable solutions to reduce carbon footprint
  • Service and on-site support
  • Innovative LCS solutions
  • Unique solutions for better and safer work conditions
  • Anti carry-back lining systems
  • Auxiliary equipment
Mining - payload management
Loading and hauling - mining
How to haul more with less!
Partnering with Metso makes your job easier and your operation more efficient. Discover our step-by-step process for optimizing your workflow.
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