Metso Mining Pyro processing
pyro processing

Pyro processing

Minimizing fuel consumption and reducing carbon footprint

Metso designs, engineers and supplies pyro processing equipment and systems that increase the intrinsic value of ores, minerals, waste and related materials. Our solutions are designed to optimize the fuel efficiency and the overall heat balance.


Designed and supplied the largest straight grate systems in the world.


Representing about 70% of global coke calcining capacity.

Practical knowledge

More than 100 years of experience in minerals processing.

Global coverage, local presence

Pyro processing engineers, service personnel and other experts around the world.

Sustainable and energy efficient pyro processing solutions for mining

Metso has extensive experience in designing, engineering and supplying pyro processing equipment, parts and services for the mining industry. These advanced solutions increase the economic value of ores and minerals by changing their mechanical and chemical properties through pyro processing.

With 100+ years of experience in designing kilns of all types for the minerals industry, we offer superior pyro technology and integrated product and service packages for different operations.

Our pyro research and test center is fully-equipped facility with the capabilities to perform complex material and process testing and evaluations as well as simulate a complete pilot flow sheet. The center can generate a complete flow sheet with many different unit operations, which can be assembled to represent a commercial plant.

Pyro processing case studies, blogs & webinars

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