Metso Full portfolio Sintering and Pelletizing Upgrades
We can help you update and modernize your aging equipment and retrofit your plant to help you benefit from the latest technology innovations to boost your performance and meet your sustainability goals.

Why upgrade with Metso?

Increase efficiency

Upgrades can decrease power consumption and reduce emissions.


Prevent unplanned shutdowns due to stressed component failure.

Reduce maintenance

Modernize aging equipment and update technology.


Extend equuipment life with quality replacement parts.

  • Restore and enhance operational performance and sustainability
  • Modernize aging equipment
  • Update technology
  • Increase availability and reliability
  • Plant expansion


Get the most out of your aging pelletizing and sintering equipment

The efficiency of your process equipment is a critical factor in maximizing your operational profitability. If you are operating aging equipment, you face a difficult choice between investing significant capital in new equipment or modernizing your existing equipment. Our pelletizing and sinter experts will work in close partnership with you to design the most suitable and sustainable modernization solution for your plant and operations.

Minimize shutdown time

We believe that a holistic approach is necessary to maximize the benefits of any modernization project. This means that each case should be evaluated individually and a site-specific solution developed based on the current process and equipment setup, as well as the project objectives. Although some modernization solutions are applicable for most installations, in-depth engineering, project planning, and process expertise are key to ensuring the best outcome and minimizing process downtime.

Available for all pelletizing and sintering equipment

We can upgrade your existing Metso pelletizing and sintering technology or retrofit other manufacturer pelletizing and sintering equipment, from simple technology upgrades to full turnkey implementation. Our sintering and pelletizing upgrades solutions bring measurable value across the key areas of pelletizing and sintering:

  • Product recovery
  • Plant availability
  • Operational costs
Leaf seal

Leaf seal upgrade

Eliminating egress and ingress tramp air and containing nuisance dust improves energy efficiency. The sealing arrangement adequately maintains air pressure and contains dust. The seals are installed to the existing upper sidewall seal and lower wind box rotating wall. They are easily accessible for service and replacement with minimal friction on wear surfaces to minimize downtime and maintenance.


    Leaf seal upper.png

Curved rails

Curved rails

The new design includes full support under all rail brackets thus eliminating rail bending.  The cross-sectional area of the rail is also increased to provide stronger bending strength and reduced stress imposed by the rotating pellet car wheel across the rail.  New bolt-on bracket design is easier to assemble, install and align.



Thru rod

Thru rod

Grate kiln chain stretch is a major cause of misalignment that ultimately leads to the overheating of grate kiln components and added downtime. Our extended wear-life design provides up to 1-2 years of additional life on a properly maintained Metso grate kiln chain system. Experience increased time spans between chain system replacements, shorter routine maintenance stops and improved uptime availability which all translates to an overall increase in production and profits.


Tube spacer

Tube spacer

The two-piece tube spacer design can be replaced without removing the chain blanket thru rod, which requires equipment mobilization and manpower to split the chain pitch, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing equipment uptime.


Pallet top

Pallet top

The segmented pallet top design replaces the one-piece pallet top design that is welded to a support frame with eight (8) individually cast segments. Each of the eight cast segments are now bolted and can be manufactured to customized metallurgies to adapt and adjust to individual annular cooler wear patterns. Only the cast segmented top sections need to be replaced and can be done so at a fraction of the cost and lead-time of the current one-piece assembly.


Plate clip

Plate clip

The grate plate clip bolt assemblies are available in all two, three, and four-finger configurations that incorporate the mounting hardware within the cast grate plate clip. This eliminates the need for mobilizing huck gun equipment and hoses to the platform area underneath the return strand of the grate kiln chain when performing normal grate plate replacement. The extended wear-life castings and improved single-wrench installation promotes maintenance efficiency and uptime availability.

imageh001b.png blobid2.png

Grate plate

Grate plate

Grate plates and cover castings are exposed to chemical attack and erosion from the cyclic hot gas heat furnace environment. The new Metso castings are engineered and manufactured to a stringent proprietary process that extends the wear-life of these castings beyond that of the standard offering. The new design offers shorter routine maintenance stops and improved uptime for greater sustainability.

image8v51i.png Grate plate.png



The grate kiln chain is typically the single highest cost of equipment to maintain within this system. This is due to the extreme high-heat cyclic temperature swings these castings are subjected to in addition to the number of high-grade stainless steel moving parts involved. The new design has a lifespan of up to 4 - 6 years on the chain skeleton and up to 1.5 - 3 years of life on the grate plates and cover castings.


3rd Party components

Non-Metso components

Our portfolio of new grate kiln component offerings is designed to upgrade and improve the overall performance and uptime availability of your non-Metso equipment. A combination of casting chemistry and proprietary pattern solidification and flow design requirements yields grate plates, link cover castings and side plates of superior integrity. This exceptional Metso design criteria assures proper temperature and material flow control throughout the pouring process to yield castings that exhibit
exceptional extended wear life characteristics compared to all other brands.



Refractory car components

Our new patented line of pallet car refractory grate bar and sidewall components are designed to have the durability and robustness required to reduce the induration pallet car hearth layer. Customers can transition away from heavy metal castings to the lighter, extended wear-life refractory options that are more resistant to corrosion and chemicals and significantly reduce the dust volume generated by the degrading hearth layer as it consistently recycles back through the furnace system. The lighter material reduces the wear on rollers, wheels, rails, sprockets, center casting sag and drive train and decreases power requirements. Improved heat transfer and reduced heat loss through the refractory clad sidewalls and refractory lined center casting will increase the overall thermal efficiency of the induration system.

Refratory component 2.jpg Refratory component 3.jpgRefratory component 4.png

Car flex

Car flex

Metso can provide upgrade solutions for both Metso and Outotec induration system pallet cars. Upgrades to the legacy wheel and axle assemblies and components with the latest OEM upgrades in sealed bearing, axle, roller, and end casting designs yield reduced operating costs while providing optimized availability and performance with minimal production interruption.


Smart car

Smart car

Operators can monitor the induration furnace operating conditions and use the data to continuously control the drying, firing, and cooling process steps in real-time. Data is stored on a database for interpretation for online process monitoring and temperature, and pressure measurements are recorded at various locations on the car during operation. A single data receiver decreases the system cost and data is accessible on a USB, ethernet, or cell phone.



Drive gear

Drive gear

The two-piece split gear eliminates the need to remove the entire drive base assembly and related drive components when replacing the gear, as well as the need to realign all components. It also eliminates the need to remove or cut existing piping, cable trays, and structural walkways. The drive gear upgrade reduces downtime by at least 4-5 days, enabling the savings achieved to offset the cost of the gear. No modifications to existing equipment are required.

Car changer

Automatic pallet car changer

Our automated car changer solution provides a simpler, more reliable, and safer way of replacing pallet cars while continuing production. The changer offers increased plant productivity since no stoppage is required during the changing procedure. It offers improved plant safety with automated functionality and allows multiple, continuous replacements of all pallet cars on the holding track. The compact design is ideal for existing sinter and pellet plant upgrades.



Curved rails

The new design includes full support under all rail brackets, thereby eliminating rail bending. The rail is wider and stronger to avoid bending and reduces stress imposed by the rotating pellet car wheel across the rail.  The new bolt-on bracket design is easier to assemble, install and align. Operators can monitor the operating conditions of the induration furnace and use the data to continuously control the process steps of drying, firing, and cooling in real-time. Data is stored on a database for interpretation for online process monitoring as temperature and pressure measurements are recorded at various locations on the car during operation. A single data receiver decreases the system cost by making data accessible on a USB, ethernet, or cell phone.



Drive upgrade

The straight grate drive upgrade replaces all of these system components with a single compact high torque, high reduction motor and cycloidal reducer. The cycloidal reducer design requires no alignment as the unit is bolted directly to the straight grate shaft via a torque ring and adapter hub. The design is lighter than legacy gear and pinion designs, thereby reducing the weight load on existing drive components. This design eliminates gear-mesh alignment issues and facilitates predictive maintenance and overall and equipment uptime availability.  



Leaf seal upgrade

The leaf seal is designed to improve the induration furnace process control and energy efficiency by reducing tramp air, heat loss, and nuisance dust. Traditional drop-bar seals are not effective when worn or where rails or cars are misaligned. The seal options can be applied throughout the furnace to address process gas airflow ingress and egress and heat loss on a zone by zone basis, and easily adapt to the existing furnace zones. This upgrade requires no major changes to existing structures, is easy to install and service, and is available in various materials to suit the application and requirements. The seal causes minimal friction to the pallet car slide bar and adjusts to the traveling pallet car's high and low spots.



Ferroflame™ burner

The Ferroflame™ burner was designed using the latest techniques including CFD modeling to complement the design and operation of the total system. Designed to meet the customer’s requirements for reliability and maintainability and simple retrofit interchangeability, the Ferroflame™ burner has excellent cold start stability and wide turn down for flexible operation. The Ferroflame™ burner is capable of firing a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels with each burner design optimized to suit the application and project specifications. Download the brochure here>>



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