Metso Mining Pyro processing Pelletization


Boosting production capacity

Pelletization is the process of transforming iron ore fines into spherical pellets through agglomeration and induration. These pellets are then used as feed to a blast furnace or direct reduction systems to produce iron. As the only supplier in the world, Metso offers both straight grate and grate-kiln technologies for any required pelletizing applications.


Providing higher output with lower fuel usage and emissions.

High quality

Fewer fines and less variation in compression strength.

Practical knowledge

With more than 100 years of experience in minerals processing.

Global coverage, local presence

Pyro processing engineers, service personnel and other experts around the world.

Increasing the economic value of ores and minerals with pelletization solutions for the mining industry

As high grade iron ore deposits become more limited, it is necessary to upgrade lower quality iron ore resources through concentration. The ground iron ore must be pelletized prior to feeding into a blast furnace or DRI plant.

With strength and expertise in both straight grate and grate-kiln technologies, Metso's equipment, parts and services for pelletizing process are designed to increase capacity, reduce fuel and power consumption, and cut maintenance costs.

Our equipment and parts are built to withstand the severe process heat and highly abrasive environments, required to produce pellets of a consistent quality at a lower cost. The optimization and maintenance services, on the other hand, ensure that the pelletizing equipment and the entire pelletizing process work effectively, producing the maximum output in the long run.

See how others have improved profitability and reduced risk!


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